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Information Security

Case Western Reserve has incoporated two-factor authentication into the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Two-factor authentication provides added security by prompting you for a unique code in addition to your password. The unique code is usable only once, and it is accessible from the device of your choosing (typically your cell phone). Each time you log in, you are issued a new code.

Two-factor authentication protects your account in the event that your password is stolen. VPN is the first university service to receive this added protection, with others soon to follow on a mandatory basis. All members of the university community are encouraged to enroll in DuoSecurity, CWRU's two-factor authentication service, today.

To begin:

  1. Review the Duo Security Getting Started Guide
  2. Watch these short training videos
  3. Enroll your device and start using Duo Security
    *caution: clicking this link begins the enrollment process; you need to be ready to enroll completely.