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In the event that one or more of these critical services are interrupted or unavailable, customers will be notified in the following ways:

  1. The status of the service(s) will be updated on this page.
  2. An alert will be posted under CURRENT ISSUES on
  3. The @CWRUITS_status Twitter handle will post information. Followers of @CWRUITS_status can choose to receive email or text alerts from this handle through the Twitter service.
  4. Depending on the severity of the interruption, the CWRU community may be alerted through email or an alert posted to the campus VoIP phone system.

Service Availability – All outages and major disruptions (P0 and P1 incidents) to our Critical Services are reflected on the chart below. The percentages shown reflect the percentage of time the service was available for use during the given month.

P0 High Business Impact – Outage appears to affect multiple schools or departments, issue impacting 100 or more users. (Resolution target = 2 hours)
P1 Moderate-High Business Impact – An incident that affects 50 or more users.  Issue may impact daily operational activities or a loss of data is a risk. (Resolution target = 4 hours)

The ITS goal for Service Availability based on P0 and P1 incidents is 99.95%

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