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The CAPS Program

ThwingThe Case Western Reserve University Administrative Professional Series (CAPS) is a training and development program that focuses on educating individuals on the financial management of administrative units at CWRU. The series of courses provides valuable information on working with general departmental accounting, sponsored projects, purchasing, PeopleSoft Financials, and many more topics.

The intent of CAPS is to educate individuals on the policies and procedures that direct their use and management of University funds, and to attest to that knowledge by issuing Certificates of Achievement to the individuals who meet the requirements of the program. The requirements for certification are listed here.

The CAPS Program is proprietary to CWRU and is not an accredited academic program. It is administrated by the ITS Training Team and functional leaders from the offices of Finance and Administration and Sponsored Projects Accounting.

Participating in the CAPS Program

The CAPS Program is open to all full-time and part-time employees of CWRU. Individuals who take CAPS classes are not required to complete the certification program. All individuals who participate in CAPS classes must abide by the CAPS Attendance Policies. The complete program policy is available here.