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Schedules by Function

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Facilities Management

Acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of physical plant, infrastructure, and equipment.
Equipment Maintenance and Disposition Records Documents equipment maintenance and disposition.

Financial Management

Financial obligations, revenue, and management of assets and liabilities.
Documents budget performance monitoring.
Documents development of the University’s budget.
Documents payment claims made as part of a unit’s programs and functions.
Documents University-paid and University-reimbursed travel expenses of employees.
Documents history of the relations between the unit and individual vendors or service providers.

Governance and Legal Affairs

Requirements of and compliance with external laws and regulations and internal governance via University policies and procedures.
Contracts and Agreements Records Documents obligations under contracts, leases, and other agreements between units and outside parties.
Policy Records Documents the development and implementation of policies under a unit’s jurisdiction.

Information and Communication Services

Provision of published information, and communication sources and services, including technology, content, and expertise.
Publications Documents published communications within and outside the unit about programs, projects, staff, etc.

Personnel Management

Recruiting, hiring, compensating, and evaluating employees.
Staff EEO Review Records Documents review of hiring processes for compliance with Affirmative Action/EEO requirements.
Staff Employment Records Documents employee work history.
Staff Recruitment and Hiring Records Documents the process of hiring new employees.
Staff Time and Attendance Records Documents actual hours worked by employees.
Student Employment Records Documents student employee work history.

Administration, General

Administrative activities of a unit other than the specific major activities already listed.
Committee Records Documents the activities of ad hoc or standing advisory committees or task forces, made up of members from a variety of units, that develop and recommend policies or procedures; plan and carry out events, programs, or awards; etc.
Event Records Documents unit’s role in planning and carrying out events such as lectures, ceremonies, conferences, and reunions.
Office Management Records Documents information routing and tracking activities for routine office activities.
Program and Project Operation Records Documents routine administration of programs and activities.
Program and Project Planning and Review Records Documents on-going and one-time planning, review, and evaluation of unit programs, projects, and services.
Staff Meeting Records Documents unit staff meeting proceedings.
Transitory Records Documents information of temporary importance.

Introduction | Schedules by Function | Schedules, A-Z | Records, A-Z