Annual Report
moving forward

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides innovative and engaging technology solutions to Case Western Reserve University that support teaching, learning, collaboration and research. This annual report
summarizes the division's accomplishments during the 2011/2012 fiscal year.


Five years ago, we used these three simple words to drive the Strategic Plan that would direct the future work of Information Technology Services (ITS) at Case Western Reserve University. Since that time, our multi-faceted commitment to learning, teaching, and research has been and continues to be stronger than ever, changing the role technology plays in education at its very core.

Our commitment to the university is not only as an enabler of technology, but also a provider of outstanding services. We have reinvigorated our commitment to the many different university stakeholders by reinventing our own organization. We have reimagined what ITS can provide not just as a technology service organization, but also as an agent for positive change that will affect the entire university and the broader University Circle community. We eagerly await the opportunities that the university communities have created for us in our next Strategic Plan.

From facilitating new research possibilities with improved High Performance Computing capabilities, to rethinking the modern classroom with world-class videoconferencing technology, and becoming an inaugural member of the Gig.U organization, this has been a landmark year for information technology at Case Western Reserve. I invite you to review our progress in this annual report to the community, and discover the exciting challenges that await us in our preview of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan - a plan that has been largely composed by our customers. We can’t wait to show you what our charted course will bring to CWRU in the future. As always, your honest feedback is an integral part of what allows us to focus on making our part of the university the very best it can be.

Lev Gonick
Vice President, Information Technology Services
Chief Information Officer