World Health Organization Collaborating Center Focuses on Home Care Nursing

The World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Research and Clinical Training in Home Care Nursing located at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing is one of ten World Health Organization Collaborating Centers in the United States—and one of 38 in the world. The focus of the Center at CWRU is home care nursing -- the delivery of health care services in the home setting. Change in all parts of the world, from aging of the population, the increase in chronic diseases and the development of infectious diseases, places a burden on the existing health care systems. Home care nursing is one solution to the problem.

The Center hosts international visitors who want to pursue interests in home care nursing, provides consultation on development of home care nursing programs around the world—along with evaluations of existing programs and activities—and works with international colleagues in the development of health policy materials for the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Care Organization.