Mandel School Faculty Member Trains Dutch Organizations in Evidence-Based Practices

Patrick E. Boyle, Director of Implementation Services at the Center for Evidence-Based Practices (CEBP) at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, has been providing consulting and training to several organizations in The Netherlands since 2004 to help them implement an evidence-based practice called Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT). He also has been helping Dutch government organizations, providers and universities develop a collaborative technical-assistance organization whose staff of consultants, trainers and evaluators are helping inform the development of public policies for integrated treatment and helping the service organizations sustain IDDT over time.

Since his initial introduction to the Dutch, Boyle has fostered an ongoing cultural exchange between Dutch institutions and the Mandel School. In March 2005, he and his colleagues at the CEBP hosted in Cleveland a group of 21 Dutch researchers, program managers and clinicians who represented six provinces in The Netherlands. The cultural exchange has also gone the other way, as Boyle has made several week-long trips overseas as an instructor of the Mandel School’s spring break study program in The Netherlands. In addition to instructing CWRU undergraduates and graduate students during the week-long course, he uses these trips as an opportunity to provide consulting and training to Dutch institutions, new IDDT implementers and policy makers. Boyle is a licensed social worker and chemical dependency counselor who has practiced in Ohio for over 35 years and has taught at the Mandel School for 20 years.