War Crimes Research Office Adds Kenya Piracy Court as Client

The School of Law's Henry T. King, Jr. War Crimes Research Office has added a new client institution -- the Kenya Piracy Court.   Students enrolled in the War Crimes Research Lab are currently preparing research memoranda for the Kenyan specialized court on such issues as the definition of piracy, the rights of accused pirates and the legitimacy of the court.  In addition, students continue to prepare research memoranda for the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Rwanda Tribunal, the Yugoslavia Tribunal, the Ugandan War Crimes Chamber, the Iraqi High Tribunal and the International Criminal Court.  The War Crimes Research Office has Memoranda of Understanding with each of these tribunals.  To date, 55 Case Western Reserve students have served as interns at these international tribunals under the School of Law's unique "International Tribunal Externship Program," and five School of Law alumni have attained positions as prosecutors, defense counsel and legal advisers to the judges at these tribunals.

In 2005, the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone nominated the School of Law's war crimes research initiative for the Nobel Peace Prize, stating that the Law School's assistance to the Tribunal has "made a significant contribution to peace and justice in Western Africa."