James W. Kazura, MD, Director of International Affairs for Health Sciences

Jim Kazura is director of the Center for Global Health and Diseases in the School of Medicine, as well as a professor of international health, medicine and pathology. His research advances fundamental knowledge of the mechanisms underlying susceptibility to infection and disease pathogenesis of malaria, chronic worm infections and viral diseases that cause severe bleeding disorders in the tropics. His research program in developing countries is conducted with longstanding colleagues from the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research and Kenya Medical Research Institute. The ultimate goal is to develop preventative and interventional strategies that are culturally appropriate and cost effective. The tools of molecular immunology and genetics are used to advance the research agenda, which is shared not only with collaborators from Papua New Guinea and Kenya but also leading academic and research institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom. Kazura serves as director of international affairs for health sciences within the Office of Global Strategy.

Janet W. Coquillette, Consultant to the Office of Global Strategy

Janet Coquillette oversees and facilitates the international planning process. She also manages a variety of projects to help build the Office of Global Strategy and support internationalization at CWRU, including database and website development. Janet is a graduate of the CWRU Law School and holds a Master of Nonprofit Organizations degree from the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations at CWRU. She has a consulting practice focusing on the organizational processes that support effective nonprofit organizations. Janet is a resource for questions about the international planning process and related matters.

Sharon Burke, Executive Aide

Sharon Burke provides professional and administrative support for the full range of projects and activities carried out through the Office of Global Strategy. She coordinates with constituencies within and outside Case Western Reserve University, manages the office, plans and coordinates special events and organizes the associate provost's schedule. She is a resource for all questions about the Office of Global Strategy.

Martha Allee, Intern

Martha Allee is a third-year law student at CWRU’s School of Law. She assists the international planning process by supporting the risk management sub-working group, helping to develop a database of international agreements, doing research in several topic areas and many other ways.

Alexandra Klyachkina, Intern

Sasha Klyachkina is a senior at CWRU and an International Studies major. She is collecting information on international activity at CWRU, assisting in development of the international database, and doing a variety of research and other tasks to support the planning effort.