International Reach

Case Western Reserve University recognizes that throughout their lives our students will live in a world that is increasingly multicultural, interdisciplinary and globally-connected and aware. From its roots in 1826, the university has a long and distinguished history of international teaching, research and service. The university’s strategic plan, Forward Thinking, reflects that history, as well as its ongoing commitment to grow and enhance its international outreach, activities and presence.

In order to begin implementation of the international focus of its strategic plan, in May 2009 the university established the Office of Global Strategy (OGS). The OGS works in partnership with faculty, students and administration to provide university-level vision and leadership for international activities across the campus. Essential functions of the office include:

  • Develop and execute a vision, a bold new direction and a plan for international affairs that is strategic, pervasive and highly visible.
  • Foster an academic culture and create an administrative infrastructure that advances internationalization.
  • Provide leadership in extending the university’s international reach and reputation.
  • Serve as the university’s chief spokesperson for international education.
  • Facilitate and engage individual and institutional connections between faculty, staff, students and alumni and the larger world, enabling the exchange of people and ideas.
  • Build partnerships and joint collaborations with major institutions in and outside of Northeast Ohio to expand the international impact of all parties.
  • Monitor international programming trends to initiate innovative programs and services.
  • Develop new models for student, faculty and research exchange relationships.
  • Work with all constituencies to help identify and secure funding for administrative, educational and research initiatives from various sources (including state and federal governments; foreign governments; NGOs; foundations; donors; and alumni).
  • Develop relationships and communicate with colleagues at other academic, business, non-profit and government institutions to share and implement best practices.
  • Develop metrics to measure and assess the success of university international programs and services.

Case Western Reserve University Office of Global Strategy

Advancing International Programs

The creation of the Office of Global Strategy represents a major step in fulfilling the university's goal of advancing international programs as outlined in its strategic plan.