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General Information

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Office of Education Abroad and the Education Abroad Advisory Council, in coordination with faculty throughout Case Western Reserve University, created an initial list of approved study abroad programs for undergraduates. This list included 78 study abroad programs in 36 countries located in 6 different regions of the world. This list becomes the official study abroad approved program list in the fall of 2014.

Each study abroad programs is contingent upon the partner’s completion of a study abroad survey and a positive site visit within three (3) years (by the fall of 2016). Every summer, the survey will be sent to each partner for updates for the next year’s academic cycle. After the initial site visit, each program will be put into a five (5) year rotation for site visits to maintain relationships with the program partner and to ensure that CWRU only provides the highest quality of study abroad programs.

Faculty and Staff Site Visit Grant Program
Faculty and staff are invited to apply for a site visit grant. These grants of up to $500 are meant to supplement a previously planned trip to the partner institution or the partner institution’s city. The grant requires that the faculty or staff member visit the appropriate international office at the partner site, tour the campus, examine student services, and complete a site visit report. Each visit lasts approximately three (3) hours. The Office of Education Abroad will coordinate the on-campus schedule for each visit.

The site visit application is open year round. Grants are awarded based upon the need for a site visit in the particular location and funds available. Faculty and Staff are welcome to apply for multiple grants if their travels allow, but should schedule appropriate time for each site visit, including travel time.

Grant funds will only be released once the site visit report has been completed and submitted to the Office of Education Abroad.

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