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Global Perspective

Rahma Sofiane

Home Country: Tunisia
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2016

What made you want to study at a US university and CWRU in particular?

The US is recognized for its excellence in higher education and it is home to the best Universities of the planet and that raises the bar for all the Universities in the country. CWRU is particularly famous for its groundbreaking research and thus sets the perfect environment for me to evolve among some very interesting and inspiring students in a spirit of cooperation that I couldn’t have found elsewhere.

What do you miss most about your home country?
I definitely miss the food, and the Sun, the two ingredients that are most essential to the Mediterranean that I am. But I learnt to enjoy the constantly changing Cleveland weather and a quick ride to West Side market solves all my problems.

How has your global perspective changed now that you have studied in the US?
I have realized more than ever the importance of diversity. Each one of us has something unique to bring to the community. I also became aware of the importance of building an international profile in the globalized world that we live in Today.

Name one thing about studying in the states that you were surprised was actually true?
I was very happily surprised to see how liberating of an experience it is. It most definitely changes your life. You grow as a person, you embrace your new lifestyle and never stop learning, not only about what you are passionate but also about yourself.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on Campus is The Mather Quad. Even though, as an Engineer I do not have many classes there, I still feel very connected to it. It looks gorgeous through out the year, but especially in the Fall. Every building stands as a witness cwru’s incredible history but also it’s undeniable growth.

What is a fun place you have visited in the Cleveland area?
Little italy is definitly the most fun place I have been to . I enjoy the neighborhood , the food is amazing , the gelato shops are the best around the city. It is very close to the dorms and you will always recognize some friendly faces from the Campus.

Name one thing you tried for the first time while studying at CWRU, and did you like it?
For the first time, I joined the Model United Nations team and I had the chance to attend the Harvard International model United Nations Conference. It is a very challenging experience but it helped me grow as a debater and it definitely enhanced my public speaking skill.

What was your favorite class at CWRU, and why?
My favorite class was the introductory physics classes PHYS 121 and 122 . Professor Covault is absolutely astonishing. He is one of the most passionate people I have met in my life. It was one of those lectures where you forget that people are around you and it is like if the professor is talking to you specifically . His experience and savoir-faire as a lecturer and a physicist are just inestimable.

What would you like to do after you have completed your educational experience at CWRU?
Once I graduate from CWRU I would like to work for a while in the pharmaceutical industry. I would love to also have some experience in the cosmetics field. All in all, I would try to build a solid international profile that would help me work in a consulting agency. I would probably come back to school for either an MEM program or an MBA.

What advice would you give to students arriving to study at CWRU?
As an ISA I had the chance to share my experience with some of the first year students and the exchange and transfer students. So I think the best advice, I can give is to be your self. CWRU is a very tolerant and open minded place. No matter how different you are , people will always appreciate your difference, and will show a genuine interest and curiosity.