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Global Perspective

Huiying Zhao (Kismet)

Huiying Zhao is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and is aiming to graduate in 2018.

What made you want to study at a US university and CWRU in particular?
When I was an undergraduate student, I was lucky to have an opportunity to visit the US as an exchange student. This amazing experience made me think about studying in United States. CWRU has a good reputation all over the nation. Being a student of CWRU enables me to work with top faculties and students throughout the world. I believe this Ph.D. program would provide me with the merits I need to improve myself. So I choose CWRU as a place where my dream flies.

What do you miss most about your home country?
It is definitely Chinese foods, especially the dishes my mom cooked. There are many different Chinese Cuisines, of which I love the spicy Chuan Cuisine most. Here, I started to cook by myself. Hopefully I can share my dishes with international friends in the future.

How has your global perspective changed now that you have studied in the US?
When I first came to America, the different cultural background between Americans and Chinese really shocked me. The free, open and pluralistic society in US makes everyone feel confident and desirable to challenge. Chinese like to be modest, but Americans are sometimes boastful. If keeping modest in America, opportunities will never come to you. I went to a Wade Oval Wednesday Concert and a lot of people went to dance on the stage whether they were good at dancing or not. This is true to the American spirit, which is the biggest difference between traditional Chinese people with modern American people.

Name one thing about studying in the states that you were surprised was actually true?
I’ve been here for two weeks. What surprises me the most is people’s drinking habit. In my country, most people prefer hot or normal temperature water. But here in US, everyone drinks cold water even when it’s freezing outside. By the way, it seems air conditioners in Olin never stop working even the temperature is suitable.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
Tomlinson Hall. It’s the first building I visited at Case. When I fist came here, I felt a little helpless and lonely. People in ISS offered me help and make me feel at home. Besides, delicious food underground attracts me so much.

What is a fun place you have visited in the Cleveland area?
I love lake Erie but for some reason I haven’t been there yet. Among all places that I have visited, Beachwood is the most unforgettable spot. I love SHOPPING and the Godiva chocolate is really amazing!!!!

Name one thing you tried for the first time while studying at CWRU, and did you like it?
Talking to strangers in campus. I am a little shy in my country and seldom talk with strangers. People here are really friendly. You can always receive greetings or a big smile from strangers. “Good morning!” ”How are you?” Also, talking with strangers is definitely a great way to improve my English. Now, I really enjoy those small conversations with strangers.

What would you like to do after you have completed your educational experience at CWRU?
I will try my best to publish some influential papers. And hopefully, I would like to be a faculty in a top university. Of course, CWRU will always be my first choice.

What advice would you give to students arriving to study at CWRU?
The university motto of CWRU is Think Beyond the Possible. Open your mind and never stop imagining what’s never been here. We pursue knowledge here, and we also try to expand our research area here. Be yourself and be different.