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International Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Retention and Campus Life Working Group

This working group is tasked with enhancing the experience of international students at Case Western Reserve, from refining international recruitment policies and practices to creating a supportive campus culture. Review the formal charge.

While this working group will focus on issues affecting undergraduate students, a second phase of planning will address similar issues in the international graduate and professional student community.

Members of the working group include:

  • Richard Bischoff, Enrollment Management, Co-chair
  • Gary Previts, Weatherhead School of Management, Co-chair
  • Julie Amon, Undergraduate Studies
  • Jessica Gerard, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Samira Hussney, Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • Trista Li, Undergraduate Student Government
  • Elise Lindsay, Office of International Student Services
  • Dean Patterson, Student Affairs
  • Jennifer Reimer, Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education
  • David Zeng, Case School of Engineering
  • David Fleshler, Office of Global Strategy, ex officio
  • James Kazura, School of Medicine, ex officio
  • Janet McGrath, College of Arts and Sciences, ex officio