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Message of Support for Japan

The following message was received from Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita, President and Chief Executive Officer, Quality Electrodynamics, and a member of the Visiting Committee of the Office of Global Strategy.

As a native Japanese who has lived in Cleveland since 1992, this recent devastating earthquake, tsunami and resultant nuclear contamination threat are far beyond my comprehension and realization. My wife and I spent the last few days to reach out our parents, relatives, friends and business colleagues. While some had damages and injuries, they are all alive and safe. However, when I see so many innocent people got killed in no time in front of their loved ones, I am so defeated to even watch the news, and I have no words to describe what the people there are going through.

The people suffering from this cruel act of mother nature need many things now. One of them is our spiritual support as a human being who lives together on this planet. Some of you have already agreed to put the support message on their website. Thank you very much. The message below in Japanese reads:


This says, "Don’t give up, Japan! Don’t give up, Tohoku! From your friends in America!" (Tohoku is the region directly impacted by this disaster.)

As a Northeast Ohio and of course American society member, who happens to be a native Japanese, I truly appreciate your support and consideration. People in Tohoku will be very much encouraged by your heartfelt support from the greatest nation on earth. While it will be so difficult and challenging for them to justify their loss, they will have to stand up again and go forward with hope for our future one step at a time, because it is the only way left. I have no doubt that our thoughts and prayers are with the people who are directly going through the devastation. Please be so kind to reach out to your colleagues with the message. Thank you very much for your human-being-ship, indeed. 

Very sincerely yours,

Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita
藤田 浩之 理学博士(物理学) 
President and Chief Executive Officer
Quality Electrodynamics (QED), LLC and eQED, LLC
700 Beta Drive, Suite 100, Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143, USA