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Swetha Sahini is our featured international student. She is from Visakhapatnam, India and came to USA, for the first time, to do her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at CWRU.

What made you want to study at CWRU?
CommencementContent I chose to do my MBA at CWRU because the Weatherhead School of Management values work experience and in India I had been working for 5 years in the information technology industry. In addition, I was intrigued by the “Manage by Design” course which is available only at CWRU and stretches students to think beyond “best practices.” Finally, the smaller class size was a plus for me, providing better and quality interactions with both faculty and classmates.

How has your global perspective changed now that you have studied in the US?
After coming to CWRU, I interacted with students and faculty from various countries and different cultural backgrounds (something I didn’t do much in India). The things I have learned through these interactions are phenomenal and the best part is now I am more interested in keeping myself well-informed about current events throughout the world. This, I believe makes me a true “Global Citizen.”

What is your favorite spot on campus?
It is difficult to choose one particular spot on campus because the entire university is very serene; however I enjoy the walk that I take to school every day. I appreciate seeing people from different countries conversing in their own language, students walking swiftly across campus so that they get to class on time, and a friendly cop at the traffic signal giving a high-five to the students walking past him. It all makes me feel like I am part of a very vibrant and sociable place.

CommencementContent2 What is your favorite memory about CWRU, and why?
My favorite memory at CWRU was during TARANG (Indian cultural festival), 2012 when I performed a group dance with some of my friends. The entire experience was so memorable with the late night rehearsals, searching for costumes, and most importantly sharing the dance performance and a part of my culture with the audience.

Where are you headed after graduation?
This feels like my most triumphant moment at CWRU -- I have graduated and received and accepted a full-time employment offer. Shortly after commencement I will be working for Hyland Software as a Business Consultant in local Westlake, Ohio. I will be analyzing business processes, recommending solutions, and guiding the client through the implementation process. While studying at CWRU I have had little opportunity to explore the United States and am really excited that my new job will involve lots of travel around and outside of the U.S. Cleveland has become a second home to me and I am thrilled to take this next step in my U.S. adventure.