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CWRU in London students will have the unique opportunity to pursue a rigorous academic study of European theatre history, while sharpening their theatrical skills through classes in voice, clown, physical performance, dance, combat, and singing, all supported by tutorials and seminars.

Students will spend 3-4 weeks studying a particular Timemark in European Theatre History, while exploring the performance styles of that time through four distinct performance projects, culminating in a studio presentation in one of RADA’s theatres.

The course centers on four Timemarks:

Timemark 1: Athens, 534 BC: the year in which drama enters the Dionysian Festivals.
Timemark 2: London, 1642: the year in which the Puritans close the London theatres.
Timemark 3: Paris, 1658: the year in which Molière's company becomes based in Le Petit Bourbon.
Timemark 4: Berlin, 1928: the year in which Brecht and Weill’s Threepenny Opera is premiered.

Students will receive 12 credit hours for the following courses: THTR 228, THTR 229, THTR 300, and THTR 329