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A new collaboration between Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University and RADA offers students the unique opportunity to pursue an academic study of European theatre history, while sharpening their theatrical skills through classes in voice, clown, physical performance, dance, combat, and singing: all supported by tutorials, seminars, and one-on-one constructive criticism and feedback.

Students will spend three to four weeks studying a particular Timemark in European Theatre History, exploring its songs, dances, combat and associated performance styles. The course culminates in a studio presentation in one of RADA's theatres. Whereas the traditional study abroad experience limits students to one area of study, the new RADA-CWRU programme combines conservatory training with an academic component, challenging students not only to explore various performance styles, but to research the four Timemarks and synthesize their analysis to create vibrant performances.

Timemark 1: Athens, 534 BC: the year in which drama enters the Dionysian Festivals.
Timemark 2: London, 1642: the year in which the Puritans close the London theaters.
Timemark 3: Paris, 1658: the year in which Molière's company becomes based in Le Petit Bourbon.
Timemark 4: Berlin, 1928: the year in which Brecht and Weill’s Threepenny Opera is premiered.

Students can take advantage of RADA's Central London location and make study at the academy an immersive experience - from the rigorous and rewarding classroom work to sampling some of the finest theatre in the world. The RADA-CWRU program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students!

Students will receive 15 credit hours for the following courses: THTR 228, THTR 229, THTR 232, THTR 329, and THTR 375 or THTR 376.


CWRU and non-CWRU students of all majors with a 3.0 or above are invited to apply.


CWRU Tuition + Program Fee of $5,100.00

Program Costs include: tuition, housing, orientations, and in-country support.

Other than lunch, provided at RADA on course days, program costs do not include: flights, visas/passports, and other meals. During class days, lunches are provided in the RADA dining facility. All other meals are open for students to experience the tastes of London.

Scholarships & Funding

CWRU students may apply their financial aid to this semester study abroad program. Non-CWRU students should consult with their school's financial aid office.


FEB 15, 2014

Application Cycle Open

Oct 1, 2014

Applications Due

Nov 1, 2014

Students Selected and Informed

Nov/Dec, 2014

Pre-Departure Orientations with faculty and staff

Jan 10-18, 2015

Students Arrive in London

Jan 19, 2015

Classes Begin

Apr 24, 2015

Last Day of Classes Final Presentations

Jerrold Scott - Professor of Theater

See why RADA is a unique and a special program that everyone should experience.

Ron Wilson - Professor of Theater

Take a deeper look into history of theater from early Greek era to Renaissance to present.

Jeffrey Ullom - Director of Undergraduate Studies

The flexibility of this program allows you to satisfy core components of your own major.

Eliana - One of the students in CWRU RADA Program

Make a living doing what you love to do, and let RADA help you pave the road to success.

CWRU Students in London at RADA

CWRU students discuss their experiences at RADA and in London.

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