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Financial Aid

Students have the option to apply for additional need-based financial aid for this program.

Funding for the CWRU in Jerusalem study abroad program is available to all CWRU students in all majors who are accepted to the program. Through the generosity of the Samuel Rosenthal Student International Exchange Program students may apply for up to $5,000 in travel and academic-related expenses (excluding tuition).

Students wishing to apply for Samuel Rosenthal Student International Exchange Program funding should submit:
- a one to two page (maximum, double-spaced) essay explaining how this experience will fit with their academic programs and goals
- a brief paragraph about prior international experience, if any (prior international experience is not necessary to apply)
- a proposed budget (including estimates, and documentation where possible, of airfares and other expenses such as books, local transportation, educational materials, etc.)

Please submit electronically to Jill E. Korbin, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences by October 25, 2012.
Please address any questions about the CWRU in Jerusalem Study Abroad Program to Lisa Brown at; and any questions about the Samuel Rosenthal Student International Exchange Program funding to Jill Korbin.