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CRUW Fulbright Scholar Profile: Michael Goldberg

Center For International Affairs
Case Western Reserve University
Tomlinson Hall, Room 143
10900 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106-7031
Telephone: 216.368.2517

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Visiting Scholars at CWRU

Renata Geld, 2013

Visiting from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb
Specialty: Linguistics

Almir Mustafić, 2013

Student Scholar, Cognitive Mechanisms in Political Discourse (Inaugural Addresses). Interested in understanding how language leads people to make certain decision or give support to certain people.
Current Title or Occupation: Educational Advisor and English Teacher

Melike Bas, 2013

Visiting Scholar, from Turkey
Lecturer of English at Amasya University, Turkey. Pursuing PhD on Linguistics at Hacettepe University, Turkey

Main Programs: