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2014 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Kurt Rhoads, and Nicole Deming, Department of Bioethics

Additional Faculty/Staff involved: None
Project Title: Water Quality, Engineering, Bioethics and Health in Costa Rica
Department: Civil Engineering & Department of Bioethics respectively
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: We will expand a current study abroad course in Costa Rica on health care to include interactions between bioethics and environmental engineering, including water quality.

Peter Bennett

Additional Faculty/Staff involved: None
Project Title: Collaboration with Center for Advanced Renaissance Studies (CESR), Tours, and Center for Baroque Music (CMBV), Versailles, France
Department: Music
Awarded Amount: $3000
Brief Description: The CWRU music department is a center for research in both French music and the music of the early and early-modern periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque). By establishing collaborations with CESR (Renaissance studies) and CMBV (Baroque music), our graduate students could spend a semester or year in France taking classes or engaging in dissertation research at two of France’s most prestigious research institutes.

Elizabeth Madigan

Additional Faculty/Staff involved:Kimberly Edwards
Project Title: Development of English language BSN in Hungary
Department: Nursing
Awarded Amount: $4000
Brief Description: We have a request from the University of Debrecen in Hungary to help them develop an English language BSN program. We will be working with an alumni of our PhD program, Dr. Miklos Zyrini. The request for this application is to provide travel support for one visit to Hungary for two faculty to determine their capacity and determine the likelihood of their developing a sustainable model. We also will explore this site as a possibility for our public health BSN capstone course.

Janet McGrath, Andrew Rollins, Jill Korbin

Additional Faculty/Staff involved: None
Additional Faculty/Staff involved:David Kaawa‐Mafigiri
Project Title: Proposed new course: Interdisciplinary Solutions to Global Health Issues.
Department: Anthropology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: We propose to develop an interdisciplinary course that brings together social science and engineering students to identify, assess, and design solutions to address global health issues. Funding is requested support faculty travel and honoraria for local liaisons to establish the overseas portion of the course, to be held in Uganda. The course will initially be for Medical Anthropology and Engineering undergraduate students, beginning in Spring 2015. Students will enroll in a 3 credit hour course that will include on campus preparatory coursework and travel to Uganda to participate in needs assessment and development of proposed interventions.

Neena Singh

Additional Faculty/Staff involved: None
Project Title: Teaching and research partnerships between CWRU and premier educational Institutes in India and Brazil.
Department: Pathology, School of Medicine
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: This project aims to establish collaborations between CWRU and universities in India and Brazil to develop long-term student and faculty exchange programs. The main emphasis will be on Universities with ongoing undergraduate and Master’s programs in basic biological and medical sciences to develop opportunities that will expose students from both countries to varied training programs and research opportunities.

Charles Rosenblatt

Additional Faculty/Staff involved: Idit Zehavi (Astronomy) and Glenn Starkman (Physics)
Project Title: Exchange and Collaboration between CWRU and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Department: Physics (with a secondary appointment in Macromolecular Science)
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (HUJI) is one of the world’s outstanding universities. Our goal is to establish formal ties with the physical sciences and mathematics segment of HUJ, involving joint research activities and grants, student visitation and exchange programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level, recruitment of HUJ undergraduates to CWRU’s graduate programs, and to bring the excitement of high-tech start-ups and entrepreneurship, which is pervasive in Israel, to the CWRU campus. Funding will be sought through several private US-Israel foundations and international funding programs at government agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

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