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School of Medicine

Crisscrossing the Globe: The Hunt for Medical Interventions and Innovations

The brutal and bloody reign of dictators such as Idi Amin finally behind them, the resilient people of the Republic of Uganda again found themselves seemingly defenseless against an insidious enemy among them.

Slim disease as they referred to it in 1986 was indiscriminately killing vulnerable Ugandans in disturbing numbers. The government of the East African country, headed by President Yoweri Museveni – still in power today, took notice and made an international appeal for help.

Global Footprint

Over the last three decades, School of Medicine scientists have helped define the emerging field of global health. Along with Dr. Robbins the list includes such names as Jerrold Ellner, M.D.; Adel Mahmoud, M.D.; Ph.D., Kenneth Warren, M.D.; Thomas Daniels, M.D.; and Charles Carpenter, M.D. They inspired, encouraged and led other doctors to study infectious problems in places such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Brazil. Trained as a hematologist, Dr. Kazura credits his commitment to global health to the opportunity afforded him by Dr. Carpenter, a leading researcher of diarrheal diseases such as cholera in India, who joined the School in 1973 as Chairman of Medicine. Dr. Carpenter was among the first to make a serious commitment to support development of aspiring physician-scientists to careers in global health.

Multidiscplinary Framework

A hallmark of the School’s global health initiatives is the Framework Program for Global Health, a collaboration of faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences, and schools of Medicine, Engineering and Nursing, that is coordinated by the CGHD and supported by the Fogarty International Program of the NIH.

Bi-Directional and Meaningful

Traditionally rooted in field-based studies and research of diseases prevalent in developing countries, global health has evolved into a more substantive interplay on both sides of the logistical equation.

Only Constant Is Change

The field – even the definition – of global health is one that is always evolving, responding and pulsating with the drumbeat of disease around the world. In fact as the developing countries become more “westernized,” chronic medical problems – the leading causes of death here in United States -- are on the rise.

Case Western Reserve University Named International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research

The School of Medicine has been named by the National Institutes of Health as an International Center of Excellence for Malaria Research, one of only ten such centers throughout the world.

Rottman Family Fund Commits $100,000 to Med Students Conducting Research in Limited Resource Countries

Dr Fritz and Carol Rottman have established a fund to support medical students interested in travelling to resource-limited countries to research emerging diseases.