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Program Types

At CWRU, there are four main types of study abroad programs.

CWRU short-term programs
In a CWRU short-term study abroad program, a CWRU faculty member takes a group of students to another country as part of a course. The overseas portion of a short-term is usually between one and six weeks in duration and takes place during Winter Break, Spring Break, or over the summer. You can see a list of CWRU short-term programs here.

CWRU in… Programs
CWRU in… programs are organized by CWRU faculty and staff to meet the unique needs of CWRU students, though qualified students from other universities are also invited to apply. Specifically, CWRU in London is a semester-long programs offered in the Spring.

Long-term programs
Students also have the option to study abroad through a long-term program, which usually lasts a semester or an academic year. Students may apply to any of the universities listed below through our online system. Because CWRU only partners with schools of the highest caliber, participating in a long-term program ensures that you will have an enriching academic and personal experience abroad. Below you will find links to all of our approved long-term programs.

Internships and Research
Some CWRU students complete internships, research, and co-ops abroad. The Office of Education Abroad can share with you various internship opportunities, but note that it’s very difficult to find paying internships abroad due to visa regulations. However, the Office of Education Abroad is happy to share with you tips and procedures for searching for internships, research, and co-ops abroad. After you’ve secured an internship, research position, or co-op, the Office of Education Abroad will work with you to ensure that you are registered properly at CWRU and that you receive health insurance and cultural preparation for your experience abroad.