Pre-departure Checklist for Independent Programs

Not sure if there’s something you should be doing? Feel free to refer to this checklist.

    Apply for your program via our online application system.

    Apply for your passport.

    If you are accepted to your program, log into our online application system and commit to it. You can then proceed with the rest of the steps on this checklist

    Apply to the university overseas or program provider.

    Upload a copy of your application to our online application system.

    Apply for a visa if needed (see program director for more information).

    Complete the course approval process.

    Sign the Statement of Responsibility via our online application system.

    Turn in a copy of your passport via our online application system.

    Turn in your financial aid Cost Sheet to Nancy Issa.

    Purchase your airfare. Upload a copy of your itinerary to our online application system.

    Arrange your housing with the university/provider abroad.

    Sign the publication and photo release on our online application system.

    Attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting. You will receive an email regarding this meeting from the Office of Education Abroad.

    Bring a copy of your tuition bill to the Office of Education Abroad or upload it to the online application system. (N/A for exchange students)

    Check your health insurance to make sure it covers you while abroad.

    Visit for a list of providers.

    Find out whether your prescriptions are considered illegal narcotics in the country you're visiting. Obtain a letter from your doctor listing your medications and explaining why you need them. Carry instructions for treating allergies or other medical conditions you have.

    Find out if it is required or recommended to get any vaccinations, shots, or medicines at

    Register for JRAB 1 (most students) or EXCH 1 (exchange students).

    Register with the US Embassy abroad.

    Register to vote absentee if you'll be abroad during any State or National elections at

    Enter your emergency contact information on our online application system.

    Let your bank / credit companies know that you are planning to travel.

    Know the credit limits on all your credit cards as well as how to contact those companies from abroad.

    Find out whether or not your wireless mobile devices will work abroad.

    Spring students: plan for how you will pay taxes while you are abroad. Consider granting power of attorney to a parent or guardian.