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Financial Aid

Nancy Issa, the Associate Director of University Financial Aid, works directly with students who wish to use their financial aid for study abroad programs. The information below is provided for your reference, but please feel free to contact Nancy at or 216-368-4530 with any financial aid questions related to study abroad.
Winter Break / Spring Break / Summer Study Abroad
Semester/Academic Year Study Abroad

Winter Break / Spring Break / Summer Study Abroad
Federal financial aid can be used for tuition, program fees, and other course-related expenses for Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer programs. The financial need created by the increase in the cost of attendance may be met with Parent PLUS or private loans for undergraduate students and Graduate PLUS Loan for graduate/professional students. The Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS Loans may be initiated at Private loans may be initiated at Upon notification of the lender’s approval, the Office of Financial Aid will certify the loan for a single disbursement. The loan proceeds will be applied to the student’s tuition account in SIS to cover the assessed program fee. Any excess funds that generate a credit balance will be refunded to the student via paper check mailed to the student’s local address.

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Semester / Academic Year Study Abroad
Students studying overseas for a semester or the full academic year are charged the prevailing CWRU tuition rate for each term of study abroad. (For the 2014-15 academic year this is $21,385/semester.) CWRU will handle the payment of tuition at the foreign school or academic program. All aid, including academic scholarships, state grants, need-based funding, and outside assistance will be applied toward CWRU’s tuition charge each semester. Excess financial aid funds will be refunded upon satisfaction of the semester’s tuition bill at CWRU.

Recipients of need-based aid should provide this office with the cost information for the living expenses and transportation costs associated with the program in order to modify those portions of the financial aid budget. The Study Abroad Cost Sheet is to be completed and returned along with some official documentation of the charges assessed. This documentation may be a photocopy of the relevant pages from the 2014-2015 catalogue or brochure from the intended school of study or screenshot of the institution’s website that includes the 2014-15 costs.

Students applying for need-based funds must submit the standard applications for financial aid in addition to this cost sheet. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding the status of the application or with any questions about the required forms.

University-controlled grants and scholarships are applied to the CWRU tuition account at the beginning of fall semester in late August. Aid for spring is disbursed in mid-January. Student loan proceeds are disbursed at the same time provided that all promissory notes have been signed. Outside assistance is credited to the account upon our receipt of the funds from the external source. PLUS funds are applied to the student’s account upon disbursement by the lender, but the refund of these loan proceeds may be made to the parent borrower based upon the selection listed on the loan application. Other excess funds will be mailed in check form directly to the home address or directly deposited into the student’s designated bank account. We encourage students to make arrangements with the banking institution prior to departure so that a parent may handle all financial affairs and negotiate these refund checks in the student’s absence. Direct deposit of the refund check will expedite the refund process. Students should notify our office if this schedule will not meet the requirements of the program. Upon request, we will provide a letter to the visited institution confirming funding and the timing of disbursement. Most institutions will agree to defer this portion of payment once assured that the funds will be forthcoming. The Office of Education Abroad makes arrangements for payment of the tuition assessed by the visited institution on behalf of the student participants. Please note that the family will be responsible for paying the assessed tuition at CWRU through academic scholarships, need-based aid, or personal resources by the standard deadlines as though in attendance at the University.

If plans change, and the student will no longer study abroad, please advise this office as well as the Office of Education Abroad so that we may prepare the appropriate financial aid award.

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