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In Case of Emergency

In case of an emergency abroad, follow these steps:

1. Dial the equivalent of 911, if appropriate. You can find the number for 911 in your host country here.

2. Call your faculty director / program director. Let them know that you’re okay. In case of a national emergency (e.g. earthquake, terrorist attack), they will give you instruction on how you should proceed.

3. Call your parents / spouse. Contact one person back home and let them know you’re safe. Then allow that person to call others on your behalf. In case of a national emergency, it’s not a good idea to tie up phone lines on unnecessary calls.

4. Contact the Office of Education Abroad. If you’re on a faculty-led program, this step is not necessary as your faculty director will contact us. If you’re traveling independently, however, it is vital that you contact someone from the CWRU Office of Education Abroad.
    a. To reach someone by phone, you have two options. You may call the Office of Education Abroad or Molly Watkins on their cell phones, the numbers of which you received at your pre-departure orientation. Alternatively, you may also call the University Police at 216-368-3333. If you choose this option, be sure to leave a callback number so that our office or Molly can reach you.
    b. In the event that you can’t use the telephone, email. Telephone is the recommended way to contact us as it allows us to respond immediately. However, sometimes phone lines can be tied up after a national emergency. If this is the case, contact us by whatever means possible. You can email us at (Study Abroad Advisor) or (Molly Watkins), or you can contact us by Facebook at

5. If appropriate, contact the US Embassy closest to you. In times of emergency, the Embassy can often provide advice and resources to US citizens.

6. Remain calm. Remember that you are not an expert in the host culture and you will probably not immediately know the best course of action. Wait for instructions and follow them when given.