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Academics and Credit

CWRU Programs
Credit earned on CWRU study abroad programs (including short-term courses) is listed on the transcript as any other CWRU course.

Non-CWRU Programs
Credit earned on non-CWRU Programs comes in as transfer credit. This means that provided the student earns a C or better in the course, the credit can be applied toward graduation in the same manner as CWRU courses. Courses can be approved as major requirements, minor requirements, Global and Cultural Diversity, or electives. However, these courses do NOT figure into the student GPA calculation, and they are not listed individually on the transcript. Students are responsible for contacting faculty and advisors to ensure credit for courses taken abroad. This process MUST be completed with the course approval form. Attach copies of the syllabi to the Course Approval Form when requesting course approvals from faculty. Faculty may require additional relevant materials including but not limited to copies of assignment prompts, information on the course texts, and more before granting approvals. Providing this information in advance of faculty requests will expedite the course approval process. The course approval form may require you to seek approval from representatives outside of your major. A list of department representatives can be found here

Note that you should be prepared for differences in academic systems. Before you leave, do a little bit of research on the academic system of the country in which you are planning to study abroad. Most undergraduates around the world are expected to be more independent and self-directed in their studies than US students are. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the grading scale, which may be different in the country in which you are planning to study. For example, in Australia, a D is an A, and a C is a B. In the UK, a 70 is considered an A! Any grade you receive, of course, will be translated into a comparable US grade. The study abroad advisor ( is happy to help you with any questions you might have about academic systems around the world.