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How to Search

Finding the perfect study abroad program can be challenging, but these steps can help you narrow your search.

1. Decide if you want to study abroad for a short-term (10 days to 6 week programs) or long-term (8 weeks to a semester) program. Both have advantages and we have several options for each type of program.

2. Decide what is most important for you: location, courses related to your major, research or internship experiences, etc. For example, if you only want to go to Belgium, you need to narrow your search to this area. If you want a program that is strong in Chemical Engineering, you might be more flexible on where as long as the courses are good. You can decide what is most important to you.

3. Search for programs. Click on the programs link at the top of the page and begin searching. CWRU courses with study abroad are all featured, so start there for short-term 3 credit hour winter or spring break programs. An advanced search gives you more parameters.

4. Meeting with the Study Abroad Advisor. Email to set up an appointment. Advisors can help you narrow your search.