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How To: Search for Study Abroad Programs Effectively

When searching for programs on the Program Search page, selecting a term will return more accurate search results. Below is a list of study abroad terms and their deadlines, corresponding CWRU registration, and dates of travel to help you search.

Searching according to “Course Offerings”, “Region” or “Country”, “Language of Instruction”, et. al. may return even more accurate search results. Note that you can hold down CTRL to select multiple items under any heading, and that duplicate selections give results according to an “OR” operation. (For example: selecting Chemical Engineering and Computer Science will return schools that have Chemical Engineering or Computer Science courses.)

Once you have found a program you would like to apply to, click “Apply Now” on the program page, and the system will walk you through the rest of the process. When you start an application, the Office of Education Abroad will be notified. If you have not yet had an advising appointment, you will then be emailed to schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor.

If you would like to meet with an advisor before beginning your application, email  or stop into the Center for International Affairs in Tomlinson.

Term Name Travel Dates Registration Deadline
Faculty-directed CWRU Courses with Study Abroad (dates contingent upon program specifics)
Winter Break I CWRU Winter Break
Approximately 10 days
Fall Term September 1th
Spring Break CWRU Spring Break
Approximately 8 days
Spring Term December 1st
Spring (May Abroad) Month of May (After Exams)
Approximately 10—25 days
Spring Term December 1st
May Term Month of May (After Exams)
Approximately 10—25 days
Summer February 1st
Summer I Mid-May to Mid-June
Approximately 25 days
Summer April 1st
Summer II Mid-June to Mid-July
Approximately 14—28 days
Summer April 1st
Semester & Academic Year Study Abroad (dates contingent upon country of program)
Fall CWRU Fall Term
Approximately August—Dec
Fall March 1st
Spring CWRU Spring Term
Approximately January—June
Spring September 15th
Summer CWRU Summer Term
Approximately May—August
Summer April 1st
Academic Year CWRU Fall and Spring Term
Approximately August—June
Fall and Spring March 1st
Calendar Year CWRU Spring and Fall Term
Approximately January – Dec
Spring and Fall September 15th