Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go?

Short-term study abroad program options change from year to year and depend on course offerings, relevant global events, student interest, etc. Past destinations have included: Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Panama, Argentina, and England.

Is it credit or non-credit?

Most programs are for credit since they are an extension of a course that takes place on campus during the fall or spring semester. However, there are some non-credit offerings as well.

Is an adviser signature required?

A signature is not required. However, students often must meet with the specific program advisor as part of the application process. Students should follow the application instructions for the specific program.

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for this?

Students who are considering applying for a short-term faculty-led program and have questions regarding financial aid are strongly encouraged to contact their financial aid adviser. They will be able to discuss all of your options with you. If you have any questions please contact the Nancy Issa in the Office of Financial Aid at 216-368-4530 or