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As our society becomes more complex and globally competitive, a significant international experience can become the key to success for our graduates. In order to give students the best education possible, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) has increased its efforts to provide high quality education abroad opportunities for all students, regardless of their majors. Studying abroad helps students develop confidence and maturity and allows them to gain an awareness and appreciation for other cultures as they expand their knowledge of the world. These skills are essential for succeeding in graduate school or in the job market.

CWRU offers education abroad opportunities ranging from one week to one year. We have more than 100 options in countries around the world. Students from all majors can study abroad, earn credit towards their degree, and still graduate on time.

While studying abroad can seem daunting to some students, the Office of Education Abroad is here to provide support to students and parents throughout the entire process. These pages are designed to help you understand more about the study abroad options available to your students and provide you with the resources to feel confident about their students’ study abroad experiences.

As a parent myself, I appreciate the concerns you might have in sending your student abroad. Please feel free to contact me personally or the Office of Education Abroad at any time during the study abroad process to learn more or to express any concerns you might have. We are here to help you and your student have the best experience possible!

Molly Watkins
Executive Director, International Affairs
Case Western Reserve University