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2013 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Professor Clemens Burda and Professor Anna Cristina S. Samia

Project Title: Collaborative and Exchange Program Between Case Western Reserve University and Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE)
Department: Dept. of Chemistry (CAS)
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: This project aims to establish a faculty/student exchange between CWRU and HNUE in Vietnam. This proposed program builds on the strong ties of the PIs with faculty at HNUE. Prof. Cao Khang Nguyen is the Director of the Nanotechnology Center at HNUE, was a former student in Burda’s lab. The PI Burda is Chair for Graduate Admissions in Chemistry and represents CWRU in its goal to establish a diverse selection of top students. Moreover, both PIs are active members of the Institute for Advanced Materials at CWRU and represent the research focus of CWRU in the field of nanotechnology.

Professor Victor Groza

Project Title: Curriculum Development in Romania (CDROM): Adoption Mental Health Certificate Program
Department: MSASS
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: The MSASS Curriculum Development with Romania (CDROM) project will build on the affiliation agreement established with the West University of Timisoara in Romania by developing a post-master certificate program in Adoption Mental Health (AMH). MSASS Social Work faculty and a Cleveland clinician who already supervises in the current AMH Certificate program will work with faculty from Psychology and Social Work in Romania to develop this new international and cross-discipline curriculum project.

Professor Kenneth F. Ledford

Project Title: USSO XXX: Berlin 1914-1989: Wars, Revolutions, Dictatorships, Democracies
Department: Department of History
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: I seek a Faculty Seed Grant to fund a visit to Berlin in Summer 2013 preparation for a Study Abroad course that I plan to teach in Summer 2014. I will establish contacts and commitments with a number of partner institutions in Berlin and in Dresden, primarily historical museums but also political party- and union-affiliated educational foundations, to secure commitments for some of the pedagogical component of the Study Abroad course. I will also interview and select a partner to provide the logistical planning for the accommodations and other needs of the students who will enroll in the course in Summer 2014.

Professor Pete W. Moore

Project Title: Course Preparation: Uprising and Revolution in the Middle East
Department: Political Science
Awarded Amount: $2,795
Brief Description: This proposal requests funding for travel to Amman Jordan May 2013 to set up a spring 2014 course with a faculty-led study abroad component. Funds will support my travel and lodging in Amman to investigate costs and secure student field research opportunities as a part of the course.

2012 Faculty Seed Grant Awards

Professor Anna Cristina Samia and Professor Rigoberto C. Advincula

Project Title: Collaborative and Exchange Program Between CWRU and the University of the Philippines (UP)
Department: Dept. of Chemistry (CAS); Dept. of Macromolecular Science and Engineering (CSE)
Awarded Amount: $5,000
Brief Description: The Philippines is a developing country with strong ties to the US and an excellent US‐based educational system. Filipino students with government scholarships are all over the US, but few come to CWRU. The proposed project will bridge CWRU and the UP System towards a robust student/faculty exchange program. This initiative derives its strength from the fact that CWRU has several Fil‐Am faculty members across Colleges. There is strong desire to recruit the best graduate students and provide CWRU undergraduate students unique opportunities for cultural/academic exchange. We will also apply for future funding from NSF, USAID and private foundations.

Professor Jennifer Furin

Project Title: Project Simunye: An International Research and Training Collaboration between CWRU and the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto, South Africa
Department: Medicine/ Infectious Diseases and Department of Anthropology
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: The proposed project will strengthen a research collaboration between CWRU and Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (CHBH) by sponsoring a CWRU faculty site visit to CHBH. The collaboration focuses on a population of patients with HIV and mental illness. The objectives include: 1) to assess the training and research facilities at CHBH; 2) to introduce the CWRU faculty to the faculty at CHBH; 3) to identify and prioritize research and training needs; 4) to assess the site for its ability to accommodate CWRU students, especially undergraduate students; and 5) to develop action items for sustaining and strengthening Project Simunye.

Professor David Schiraldi and Professor Joao Maio

Project Title: Case/Macro Graduate Program
Department: Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: The Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at CWRU is developing a $54M proposal to the Brazilian government in concert with three Brazilian Universities to create a Case Macro Brazil Graduate Program in Polymers and Colloids. This program will eventually enroll ~60 graduate students, who will each spend 18 months at CWRU generating $6M in tuition and $6M in management fees for CWRU over a 14 year time span.

Professor Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

Project Title: Initiative on the Advancement of International Health Care Leadership
Department: Nursing
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: This proposal is focused on development of collaborative linkages between CWRU, UCC, Cork, Ireland and HKU, Hong Kong, initially through the Bolton School of Nursing (FPB), and expanding to other health professional students and faculty. The initial target group will be students enrolled in the professional doctorate programs in nursing at the partner universities. Once the core linkages are developed, graduate students from other professional schools at CWRU (medicine, social work, business, law) will be invited to develop special projects in partnership with student colleagues at UCC

Professor Cheryl Toman

Project Title: Researching Women’s Studies in the Arab Word: an Interdisciplinary Approach
Department: Modern Languages and Literatures/ Ethnic Studies/ Women’s Studies
Awarded Amount: $7,500
Brief Description: This project seeks to establish research and teaching networks with two Women’s Studies Programs in Lebanon and Jordan. Projected outcomes include two new courses at CWRU as well as possibilities of exchanges for students and faculty alike across several disciplines.