Office of Education Abroad Update, January 30, 2013: Issue 9

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Office of Education Abroad Update
JANUARY 30, 2013: Issue 9

You Too Can Study Abroad!

Information sessions planned for long term study abroad

Thinking about studying abroad? Consider a long-term program during the summer, fall semester, or academic year.   Study in China, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa... CWRU study abroad happens in over 50 countries! All majors are eligible. The deadline for summer programs is April 1, and the deadline for the fall semester and academic year programs is March 1. Just come to the Office for International Affairs in Tomlinson 143 or email us at to set up an appointment with your study abroad advisor, Lisa Brown, and we’ll get you started on your journey abroad.

To explore all your options for study abroad, visit our website at and start your program search today.

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Spring Break Study Abroad Student Orientation 
SPRING BREAK STUDENTS – You may have noticed on your application that you are required to complete a pre-departure orientation. 
There are two ways to complete this requirement.  You may complete it by attending the on-campus in-person pre-departure orientation session which will be held  on Friday, February 8th during the community hour (12:30 to 1:45).  To attend, simply RSVP to Lisa Brown at by Monday, February 4th.  Upon RSVPing, you’ll receive information about the location for the orientation.
If you cannot attend the pre-departure orientation or prefer to complete the requirement online, there is an online option as well.  To complete the pre-departure orientation online, do the following:
1. Go to
2. Click LOGIN
3. Click your application.
4.  You’ll see several items under Learning Content as well as several Assessments.  You need to read each Learning Content item and complete each Assessment.  To get credit for the pre-departure orientation, you must read ALL items under Learning Content and score 100% on ALL assessments.  (You can take each assessment as many times as necessary.) 
This process will take approximately 1 hour. If you have any questions about the online pre-departure orientation, feel free to email Lisa Brown at
 Please note that this announcement is for Spring Break students only.  Other study abroad participants will have separately scheduled pre-departure orientations.
Study Abroad Information Session, February 1st, 12:30PM-2:00PM
Friday, Feb. 1st in Tomlinson large conference room.  A general information session for students interested in semester or year-long study abroad.  Returnees will be on hand to talk about their experiences.  Come and find out who can study abroad, where you can study, how to apply, and ways to prepare.

Photo contest
The Office of Education Abroad Photo Contest is open!  Deadline to submit is March 22, 2013.  To take part in this contest you must be a CWRU student who has returned from studying abroad between April 1, 2012 and April 1, 2013. You may have participated in a short-term, long-term, or summer program. However, this competition does not include vacation travel abroad unless it was part of a study abroad experience. International internship and CWRU service learning experience participants are allowed to compete as long as they are CWRU approved. For more information visit the webpage for the 2013 Photo Contest

Applications are still being accepted for the spring II programs, deadline is February 15th
It is not too late to apply to go abroad in May, on a Spring II program.  Search our Featured Programs page to explore your options for this and other short-term study abroad.

To explore all your options for study abroad, visit our website at and start your program search today.

Other Announcements and Events

The Cuba Experience, 3 credit May Term course
Travel Dates: May 13 - May 31, 2013,  Cost:  $2550.00, includes flights, Housing, In-country transportation, Insurance, some meals. 
This is a three–week study abroad intensive course that takes place at Editorial Vigía, in Matanzas, Cuba. The course combines the unique advantages of a total immersion environment in Spanish with a classroom curriculum that includes conversation practice and study of relevant cultural, literary and historical issues. Students complete three hours of classroom instruction and an hour and a half of publishing workshop four days per week.  In this workshop, they work in the edition of a bilingual book.  In addition, they participate in organized visits to historic sites and museums connected to the culture curriculum. The focus of the culture curriculum is the study of Cuban history and culture through its literature, visual arts, films, and music.  After
applying and being accepted in the program, students meet for personal advising with the program director and attend four different one hour orientation-information meetings in the spring semester.  After successful completion of the study-abroad program, students receive 3 upper-level credits in Spanish.  The course is interdisciplinary in approach and provides students with the tools they need to analyze and understand the complexities of modern Cuba. Students will have formal classes taught by their professor and talks and meetings with specialists on Cuban literature, art, architecture, history and other aspects of culture and society. In addition, they will attend lectures, participate in discussions, and take field trips that will expose them to many aspects of Cuban culture, such as art, architecture, music, dance, film, literature, artisan work, folklore, history and urban growth.

The Department of Bioethics Summer II course: BETH 315/415: Global Health - India, Hyderabad
Monday, July 22-Saturday, August 3, 2013, Instructors: Nicole Deming, J.D., M.A., Gopal Yadavalli, M.D.  The course provides a combined education in the academic and international worlds.  This program:  Offers students an in-depth study of disease in India by examining the historical, cultural, ethical, medical, religious, and legal aspects that influence HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and TB; Delves into the ethical dilemmas that arise at the intersection of medicine, law, technology, and culture; Gives a cross-sectional perspective of health care in India; Incorporates the expertise of doctors, administrators, and leaders, both here and abroad, to enable a better understanding of how medicine, law, and life intersect; Provides an opportunity to travel to Hyderabad, India to directly observe Indian culture and health care.
  Click here to learn about our students' experiences in India. Select BETH 315/415 from the menu on the left.  Program Cost: Estimated Program Cost: $2,500.  Financial Aid can often be applied to cover program fees.  For more information about this program, or any of our international course offerings, please contact Michelle L. Champoir-Burke, M.A., Director of International Education Programs for The Department of Bioethics, at, 216-368-5377, or visit

Global Issues & Sustainablity in India, School of Engineering and MSASS (Mandel School of Applied Social Science) Collaboration, India SASS 375/575 and EECS 342i
Travel Dates: May 21 - June 4, 2013, Seminars:  March and April  Cost:  $4950.00, includes international, domestic and in-counrty travel, accommodations, meals, cultural and historical sites.  The  3-credit study abroad course is an interdisciplinary engineering and social work collaboration that includes a short-term cross-cultural immersion during May 21 - June 4, 1013.  The course is listed as a Spring II course, registered for as spring elective, with class meetings in March and April and travel to India in May.   Global Issues & Sustainability in India course brings together a social work perspective to the understanding of technical project assessment, selection, planning and implementation in India.  The course is also designed to help students understand culturally relevant community engagement strategies to ensure project acceptance in under-served and developing communities.  Many field sites will be visited in order to observe first-hand the community assessment and development of projects that engineers implement. An example of these projects could include infrastructure to support water and sanitation as well as projects around energy, agriculture, human rights and women empowerment.Financial aid can be applied toward program fee. For more information, please visit or contact  Dr. Deborah Jacobson,
January 30, 2013

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Upcoming application deadlines

Spring II:
February 15
May Term:
March 1
Fall semester:
April 1
Academic year:
April 1
Summer I:
April 1
Summer II:
April 22

Applications are being accepted for the following programs

May Term
IIME 474 International Technology Entrepreneurship in Rouen, France

Cuba Experience

Summer II
Bioethics Global Health - India
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