Office of Education Abroad Update, November 21, 2012: Issue 4

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Office of Education Abroad Update
November 21, 2012: Issue 4

Study Abroad in Central America

spring break, spring II, semester, year long and summer programs available

Central America occupies a very small area of the total surface of our world; however, it is a region of great biological and ethnic diversity. Central America is home to seven different countries and dependencies, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.  Despite the fact that it occupies less than 1% of the total surface of the Earth, Central America accounts for more than 7% of the total biodiversity on the planet.

Central American is rich in culture, history and tradition. The people are proud of their history, and most of the citizens take pride in showing off their country. The unique cultural landscape provides an amazing experience that is filled with excitement and adventure. Central America is the perfect place to learn while enjoying some of the world'd most amazing landscapes and biodiversity.

Take advantage of the many opportunities CWRU offers to study abroad in Central America! 

CWRU Faculty-Led Short Term Courses (Winter Break, Spring Break and Spring II)

Semester, year-long, and summer programs

CIEE Social Justice and Development in Managua, Nicaragua 

IES Language Intensive in San Jose, Costa Rica

To explore all your options for study abroad in Central America or other parts of the world, visit our website at and start your program search todayy.

Fitting Short-term Study Abroad Into Your Spring Semester Schedule

Many students are concerned that they cannot study abroad.  Some of the reasons may be their rigorous course of study, financial matters, or other impediments to going abroad.  Although our office can usually accommodate any student who would like to pursue long term study abroad options, CWRU offers a number of short-term options available to all students.  Spring-break courses typically have a couple of pre and post trip sessions at CWRU and an intense abroad experience over spring break.  There are also Spring II courses, where students meet multiple times or the majority of the course hours here at CWRU and have a two to three week experience abroad in May or June.  All of these courses are 3-credit, spring semester courses, most also count for Global and Cultural Diversity credit for A&S students.  When a student is attending one of these programs, they will register for the 3-credit course through SIS, after application has been made and they have been accepted into the program through the Office of Education Abroad portal.  Students need to be aware these courses will take up 3 credits, just as any other course would.  In addition, program fees for travel related expenses are typically associated with these experiences.  A deposit for the program is made at The Office of Global Strategy, the remainder of the fee is added to the students CWRU tuition bill.  Financial aid/student loans can often be used to cover this expense.  If you have a question if you are eligible for aid to cover your short-term study abroad, please contact Nancy Issa in The Financial Aid Office.  Short-term study abroad can be a very enriching and rewarding experience.  To explore all your short-term study abroad options, please visit our short-term web page.

Registration for Study Abroad

Don’t forget that you have to register for a classes in SIS even if you’re going to be abroad next semester (Spring 2013). If you are an exchange student, you must sign up for the EXCH1 class.  All other study abroad students will need to sign up for either JRAB1 or JRAB2.  If you are going abroad only for the spring 2013 semester, sign up for JRAB1.  If you are studying abroad for the entire academic year 2012-2013, sign up for JRAB2 for Spring.

In addition to class registration, you will also have to change your housing status.  To do this, go to, and click on “Request a Status Change” on the right side of the page under “Housing Status.”  Then pick “I am registering for the Junior Year abroad program” under Status Change Type (you should pick this regardless of whether or not you are actually going abroad for your Junior year).

This can be a little bit confusing, so if you have questions concerning class registration or changing your housing status, don’t hesitate to ask our Study Abroad Advisor, Lisa Brown (


Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

An Information session for spring break and spring II short-term study abroad programs will be held on Friday November 30th,12:30PM,  First floor Tomlinson conference room, Pizza will be provided
All of these programs are open to First Year students as well as the rest of the CWRU student population. All spring break and spring II programs will be presented and discussed. Programs include courses in The Netherlands, France, Guatemala, Spain, Panama, China, India, and Poland. If you are unable to attend please visit our
website and/or contact Lisa Brown ( in the Office of Education Abroad.

Orientation for all Winter Break and Spring semester students  
There will be a mandatory orientation for all students traveling on winter or spring break programs.  There will be an option to complete it online or in person.  The in-person orientations will both take place on Saturday, December 1st.  Students will receive an email with more information.

To learn more about all of the opportunities available or to apply for a study abroad program, visit or contact our office at in the Office of Education Abroad.

Other Announcements and Events

The Center for Civic Engagement & Learning (CCEL) is coordinating its fourth Alternative Spring Break trip to Nicaragua from Saturday, March 9 to Saturday, March 16, 2013. 
Spend your spring break working on service projects while also getting to know a rural Nicaragua community. Service projects will include helping construct a new high school for the community, facilitating after school programs with local children, and participating in English lessons with youth and adults.  The total cost of the trip is $1,550 which includes international airfare, activities, and most meals.  For more information, contact Angela Lowery at or visit   Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with a first round deadline of Monday, December 3, 2012.

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, (MSASS),  offering 3-Credit Study Abroad Course for Spring Break: Invisible Groups in a New Poland
Travel dates (Spring Break): March 8 – 12, 2013.  Poland has built a strong economy and democracy in the past two decades. Join us for an exploration of Poland’s response to social welfare problems of homelessness, poverty and drug/alcohol abuse.  We will travel from Berlin, Germany to Poznan, Poland and collaborate with city officials, Polish social workers and students in Adam Mickiewicz University.  Many site visits to NGOs as well as cultural sites. To learn about other 3-Credit study abroad spring courses to Guatemala: 
Child Welfare,  Poland: Invisible Groups,  Netherlands:  Social Justice, or  Mental Health, India:  Global Issues & Sustainability ;  visit:  or contact:  Debby Jacobson to set up an appointment.  Open to all undergraduate (all majors),graduate students (all programs)  alumni/ professionals in health and human service fields Offering credit towards Global and Cultural Diversity.  Financial aid may be applied toward travel costs. 

Department of Bioethics is offering a new Spring II course, BETH 315/415: Death, Dying & Euthanasia: Netherlands & the USA
Faculty leader: Stuart J. Youngner, M.D.  Course Dates: 5/12/5/23/2013; Trip Dates: 5/11-5/24/2013; Apply for Spring II in Studio Abroad.  This course will compare and contrast policies in the USA and the Netherlands regarding  difficult and, sometimes, intractable social problems such as: euthanasia; recreational drug policy; prostitution and water management.  This comparison for two simultaneously similar and very different societies will provide students with fresh perspectives on the own cultural assumptions, traditions, and experiences.  This fresh perspective will be broadened by immersion in Dutch culture  for the two-week portion of the course in  Amsterdam.  To learn The Department's other 3-credit, spring break study abroad opportunities to Amsterdam: Public Health, Paris: Cross-Cultural Medical Ethics, and Salamanca: European Bioethics; visit our website or contact Michelle Champoir to set up an appointment.  Open to all undergraduate (all majors),graduate students (all programs) all spring courses count towards Global and Cultural Diversity credit.  Financial aid may be applied toward travel costs.
November 21, 2012

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Upcoming application deadlines

Spring break programs: January 4th
Spring 2 programs:     January 4th
May Term:
March 1
Fall semester:
March 1
Academic year:
March 1
April 1

Applications are being accepted for all semester and year long programs

CWRU offers many different options to study abroad.  Applications are currently open for semester and year long programs.  There are two types of programs that offer you the opportunity to study abroad in this way:

Exchange programs
In an exchange program, a CWRU student studies at a university abroad, and a student from that university studies at CWRU. Because CWRU only partners with schools of the highest caliber around the world, participating in an exchange program ensures that you will have a rigorous and high-quality academic experience abroad. Exchange programs generally last either a semester or academic year.

Direct enroll programs
Students can also choose to enroll directly in a university overseas. There are two ways to do this: applying independently through the university’s website, or applying through a provider (i.e. IFSA-Butler, CIEE, etc.). Providers generally provide excellent customer service and handle many of the logistics in planning your study abroad experience; however, studying abroad with a provider is usually more expensive than enrolling directly. CWRU students are permitted to enroll directly with any of the providers and universities listed in our program search. If you would like to direct enroll in a university that is not listed in our program search, email Lisa Brown at to learn how to petition to study at that university.
CWRU offers many different lengths of study abroad, including short-term CWRU-led programs. Short-term CWRU-led study abroad programs provide great opportunities for students.

Meet with a Study Abroad advisor

To make an appointment to meet a student abroad advisor, contact:
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