Office of Education Abroad Update, November 20, 2013: Issue 30

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Office of Education Abroad Update
NOVEMBER 20, 2013: Issue 30

Spring Semester Courses With Study Abroad

Apply today for a spring semester course with study abroad in March or May!

Thinking about studying abroad this spring, but worried you missed your chance?  The good news is, it is not too late!  The application deadline is December 2nd for all Spring Semester courses with a study abroad component. Students will register for a spring semester course and, as part of the course, study abroad in March (over spring break) or in May (after final exams).  Almost all are 3-credit courses that count in the spring semester.  Most will also count for Global and Cultural Diversity Credit for students in The College of Arts and Sciences.  Some of the courses even count for Humanities Credit for Engineering students.  Deadline to apply is December 2nd Financial aid can often be applied to cover the travel expenses.  See below for specifics on this Friday’s Financial Aid Information Session.

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Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

May Term CWRU Study Abroad Course Applications are now open!
The CWRU Study Abroad May term study abroad course applications opened on October 31st! Because of popular demand, the Engineering course to Botswana is already full! However, there are still opportunities to study in Paris or Germany with our distinguished CWRU faculty.
Find out more details here and start planning your summer.

Fri Nov 22, 2013, 12:45pm-1:30pm Info Session- Study Abroad and Financial Aid
Join us in the Tomlinson 1st floor- Conference room to learn how financial aid can be applied to pursue your study abroad dreams!  Nancy Issa, Associate Director of University Financial Aid will present and answer all your questions about applying financial aid to study abroad experiences

Other Announcements and Events

The Mandel School of Applied Social Science (MSASS) is offering a Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad in Poland, Trip Dates: 3/7/2014-3/16/2014
The 3 hour course to Poland, Invisible Groups in a New Poland, provide students with an understanding of the transformation that has occurred in Poland as it moved from a socialist state through the Solidarity movement to a democracy with elected leaders. What has the impact been on the Polish people - with issues of substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness?  How did these changes affect the Polish and their descendants who live in the Cleveland area?  We invite students and professionals to join the program to Poznan, Poland, to introduce participants to Polish culture and Polish social policies and practices.  This will aid in the understanding of how Poland’s recent political and economic transformations affect society, in general, and some groups, in particular. The course will focus on how Polish society addresses problems of poverty, homelessness, aging, domestic violence and mental health disorders. In cooperation with the Institute of Sociology at the University of Poznan, participants will use frameworks such as multiculturalism, social integration, feminism and determinants of social exclusion to understand Polish policy responses to various social phenomena.  Program participants will have opportunities to engage government officials, practicing social workers and other providers, and some of Poland’s most prominent scholars in conversation. In addition to lectures and workshops, the trip includes guided tours of neighborhoods and social institutions. Cultural events and outings will provide additional insights into Polish society and the Polish people.  Students also have a guided city tour in Berlin, Germany as part of the course.  More detail from last year that includes itinerary:

The Department of Modern Languages is offering a Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad The Arab World Experience: Jordan (WGST/ARAB/FRCH--course TBA) Trip Dates: 3/7/2014-3/16/2014
Jordan is a fascinating country rich in tradition yet modern at the same time with Amman as its cosmopolitan capital and crossroads of several cultures and religions. Jordan is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites such as desert castles, Wadi Rum Valley and Desert and, of course, the 2000-year-old city of Petra carved in stone that is a must-see for all world travelers.  Jordan is an essential hub of diplomacy in the Arab world.  This course will explore Jordan from north to south in all its historic splendor and physical beauty, as well as give the student insights on the cultures, history, human rights, politics, and diplomacy of this unique country.
During the course, we will enjoy in-depth visits of Amman, Jerash, Madaba, and Aquaba, and in conjunction with the University of Jordan, we will have the opportunity to meet with several guest speakers such as Bedouin women activists who promote equality for women in Wadi Rum, as well as with diplomatic representatives for Jordan who work with issues of peace and justice in the region.  We will study and tour with locals the major religious sites in the Dead Sea region and the Roman ruins of Jerash.  We will spend the night in Bedouin tent cities in Wadi Rum and in Petra as residents discuss with us their lifestyle and how it has changed over the last few centuries and we will explore the history of the Nabatean dynasty first hand.  This is a course from which students of all majors can benefit as we go beyond the tourist route to understand Jordan inside and out.

The Department of Bioethics is offering a Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad BETH 315F/415F: International Bioethics Policy and Practice: Bioethics Themes as Expressed in Spanish and American Culture: Film, Television, and Literature Course Dates: 5/12-5/22/2014; Trip Dates: 5/10-5/23/2014 
This two week 3-credit intensive course will be held in San Sebastian, Spain. Taught by faculty from CWRU and University of the Basque Country, this course offers students a cross-cultural perspective on Bioethics in the United States and Spain. This course uses the medium of film, complemented by readings in Bioethics, film criticism, and medical research, to introduce students to a number of compelling bioethics problems facing physician-scientists today, including: when life begins; the nature and limits of informed consent; use of randomization without equipoise; medical imperialism (or the appearance thereof); the treatment of so-called “orphan” diseases; use of deception in research; financial conflicts of interest caused by, among other things, the involvement of the pharmaceutical industry in the drug invention process.
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November 20, 2013

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