Office of Education Abroad Update, November 6, 2013: Issue 29

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Office of Education Abroad Update
NOVEMBER 6, 2013: Issue 29

International Education Week

November 11-15, 2013

International Education Week (IEW) is a national celebration of the benefits of international education and global exchange. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education is an effort to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

The Center for International Affairs is proud to celebrate International Education Week and highlight the diversity of cultural events taking place in our own neighborhood. Along with numerous collaborators, we have developed a variety of exciting and informative events for faculty, staff, students and community members. We hope the events will help to stimulate cultural understanding in our local community and foster an inclusive worldview. A schedule of weeklong happenings is now available.

International education is not just about physically crossing borders,
but also about thinking globally in local situations.

(Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs)


Join us in the celebration!

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Friday, Nov 8, 2013, 12:45pm-1:30pm- Info Session- Spring Semester Courses with Short-Term Study Abroad
Join us in the Tomlinson 1st floor- Conference room to learn about all the places you can study abroad this spring.  These are all CWRU courses with a short-term study abroad component that takes place over spring break, or in May after final exams.  Almost all are 3-credit courses that are open to all students! Click here to learn more.  Deadline to apply is Monday, December 2nd!

May Term CWRU Study Abroad Course Applications are now open!
The CWRU Study Abroad May term study abroad course applications opened on October 31st! Because of popular demand, the Engineering course to Botswana is already full! However, there are still opportunities to study in Paris or Germany with our distinguished CWRU faculty.
Find out more details here and start planning your summer.

Other Announcements and Events

Sages Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad
SAGES: The Thames Watershed (USNA 272) Trip Dates: 3/9/2014-3/14/2014
In this seminar, we will investigate the London, England-area Thames watershed and its associated concerns, like urban development, watershed management, aquatic species conservation, and habitat engineering and restoration. We will read various materials that will help us understand the history and use of the River Thames before we go to London. While in London, we will focus on London’s main watershed and its history and ecology. We will study the Lea River Valley (where the 2012 summer Olympics were located), the Fleet River, and various water-related constructions, such as Docklands, Regent’s Canal, and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Nature Reserve, each from historical and ecological standpoints. Emphasis will be on how humans have treated the watershed historically, from using the rivers as sewers and transportation links, to restoring its ecosystems, as is the current case in the Lea River Valley. Course readings will be a mix of cultural history, London newspaper archives, and scientific studies on riparian corridor management. You will keep a field journal in London and will write an experiential learning essay about how the field trip intersected with the readings we’ve discussed in the seminar. You’ll also write a 10-12 page research paper on one of the ecological issues witnessed in London and its significance. 
For more information click here.

The Department of Bioethics is offering a Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad
BETH 315/415- Death, Dying & Euthanasia: Netherlands & the USA- Course Dates: 5/12-5/22/2014; Trip Dates: 5/10-5/23/2014
Stuart J. Youngner, M.D.  Is it ever permissible for physicians to kill their patients? In the Netherlands, the answer is yes. In the United States, it is no. Are the Dutch sliding down a moral slippery slope? Are the Americans compromising the rights and dignity of dying patients? This 3-credit course is a unique opportunity to examine a range of Dutch and American end-of-life policies and practices with special focus on the unique ethical, cultural, religious, and legal contexts in which they developed. For more information click here.
Want to learn more about Social Policy in The Netherlands?  Join us Friday, Nov. 15, 201,3 11AM-12PM, for a discussion with Dr. Stuart Youngner.  Click here for details and to RSVP!

The Mandel School of Applied Social Science (MSASS) is offering a Spring Semester Course with Short-term Study Abroad
Netherlands: SASS 325 / 575 – Social Justice: Health and Violence Prevention,
Trip Dates: 3/9/2014-3/14/2014
Participants who travel to the Netherlands will learn how treatment agencies work in a variety of settings. Students will interact with Dutch scholars, clinicians, managers and clients.  You will make many new friends and learn a great deal about similarities and differences between how Americans and the Dutch view health care, euthanasia, criminal justice, mental health and substance use disorders, in addition to the use of soft versus hard drugs, homelessness, prostitution and abused youth. This course satisfies the Global and Cultural Diversity requirement, social science credit for engineering students or may count toward new Social Work minor.  For more information click here.

November 6, 2013

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Upcoming application deadlines

Spring Semester Short-Term:
December 2nd

May Term: February 1st

Fall semester: March 1st

Academic year: March 1st

Summer: April 1st

Upcoming Events

Info Session- Spring Semester Courses with Short-Term Study Abroad
Where: Tomlinson 1st floor- Conference room
When: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 12:45pm-1:30pm

International Education Week
When: Mon Nov 11, 2013-Friday Nov 15, 2013

Info Session- Study Abroad and Financial Aid
Where: Tomlinson 1st floor- Conference room
When: Fri Nov 22, 2013, 12:45pm-1:30pm

Info Table in Nord about Study Abroad
Where: Nord Hall
When: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 11am-1pm

Info Table in Nord about Study Abroad
Where: Nord Hall
When: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 12pm-2pm

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