Office of Education Abroad Update, September 11, 2013: Issue 25

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Office of Education Abroad Update
September 11, 2013: Issue 25

Study Abroad Spring Semester 2014

Join us on Friday, September 13, for an information session 12:30PM-1:15PM

Don't miss your chance to study abroad for a semester-long program for Spring 2014.  We will hold an information session on Friday in The Tomlinson 1st floor large conference room.  The CWRU deadline for spring semester applications is September 24, but note that some schools have earlier deadlines, so it’s best to start on the application process soon. You can study in China, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa... there are more than 50 countries all over the world where you can study abroad!  All majors are eligible to study abroad.

CWRU is excited to announce our first CWRU "IN" program, CWRU in London, a partnership with the Royal Academic of Dramatic Arts, which offers a full semester of courses in London. The 
CWRU "IN" program allows students to register for CWRU credit for this semester abroad.  Visit our website to explore all your Spring 2014 study abroad options.

Just come to the Office for International Affairs in Tomlinson 143 or email us at to set up an appointment with a study abroad advisor, and we’ll get you started on your journey abroad.

To explore all your options for study abroad, visit our website at and start your program search today.

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Free T-shirt for Study Abroad Alum
The Office of Education Abroad has designed beautiful, word cloud, FREE study abroad t-shirts for you. Why? Because we see you as Study Abroad Ambassadors! We would like you to have these great T-shirts and to wear them around campus, around your house, around Cleveland—wherever! They are your shirts, no strings attached! However, if you wear your t-shirt around campus know that you may get rewarded.  The Office of Education Abroad will be sneaking around campus and randomly rewarding study abroad alum who are wearing their t-shirts!! Please come into The Office of Global Strategy in Tomlinson as soon as possible to pick yours up.

September 12, Thursday, 12:30PM to 1:30PM, Join us for a Webinar about our exciting Semester in London Program

For over 100 years RADA has specialized in professional training for the dramatic arts. RADA students spend very little time sitting around in lectures: the skills of the actor, the stage manager, the scenic artist need to be practiced to achieve expertise. The staff combines excellence as teachers, with continued engagement in the profession: winning awards, directing movies, publishing books and working with major producers, both in the UK and abroad.  CWRU has partnered with RADA to offer a full spring semester course of study, in London.  This is a CWRU "IN" program, which means students will register through CWRU for this semester abroad.  Visit our website to learn more about this exciting program. To hear directly from Geoff Bullen, Director of RADA, about this exciting experience, click here. Click here to APPLY.

September 20th, Friday, 12:50PM-1:30PM, Information Session on Spring Semester Courses with Short-term Study Abroad
Join us in the Tomlinson Hall large conference room to learn about all of the Spring Courses with a study abroad component over spring break or after final exams in May.  To explore all your options,
visit our homepage!

Spring Semester Application Deadline is September 24
The application for Spring 2014 is due September 24.  Simply go to, search for the program you’re interested in, and click Apply Now.  The system will walk you through the rest of the process.

Winter Break Application Late Deadline is October 1
The late applications for Winter break 2013-2014 short-term study abroad are due October 1. Courses are for Fall registration so an over-ride would be necessary to still register. 
Apply now!

Spring Semester Courses with Short-Term Study Abroad Applications are Now Open!
Would you like to study abroad this Spring Semester, but not necessarily for a whole semester?  Consider a short-term program!  Programs are all spring semester registration and have a study abroad component over spring break, or in May right after final exams.  Start your search today!

September 11, 2013

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Upcoming application deadlines

Spring Semester:
September 24th

Winter Break:
October 1st

Upcoming Events

September 12

RADA Webinar

September 13
Info. Session for Spring Semester Study Abroad

September 20
Info. Session for Spring Semester courses with Short-term study abroad

September 26
Representative from
Maastricht University program on campus

September 27
Representative from
University of Manchester on Campus
Nord table 12:00PM-1:30PM

October 2
Representative from
The University of Queensland on campus

Meet with a Study Abroad advisor

To make an appointment to meet a student abroad advisor, contact:
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