Office of Education Abroad Update, April 10, 2013: Issue 14

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Office of Education Abroad Update
April 10, 2013: Issue 14

CWRU IN London

Spend Spring Semester 2014 in London studying at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

For over 100 years RADA has specialized in professional training for the dramatic arts. RADA students spend very little time sitting around in lectures: the skills of the actor, the stage manager, the scenic artist need to be practiced to achieve expertise. The staff combines excellence as teachers, with continued engagement in the profession: winning awards, directing movies, publishing books and working with major producers, both in the UK and abroad.  CWRU has partnered with RADA to offer a full spring semester course of study, in London.  This is a CWRU "IN" program, which means students will register through CWRU for this semester abroad.  Visit our website to learn more about this exciting program.
To hear directly from Geoff Bullen, Director of RADA, about this exciting experience,
click here

Would you like to learn more?  Join us for an information session this Friday, April 12, 2013 12:45PM-1:30PM in the Tomlinson 1st floor conference room.  Click here to APPLY.

To explore all your options for study abroad, visit our website at and start your program search today.

Announcements and Events from The Office of Education Abroad

Friday, April 12th, Spring Semester in London information session 12:45PM-1:30PM in the Tomlinson 1st floor conference room 
Collaboration between CWRU and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, spring semester in London.  Come learn how you can participate in this wonderful opportunity.

Friday, April 19 from 12:30PM to 1:30PM, Photo Contest Event
The Office of Education Abroad is once again putting on a photo contest for all study abroad participants in the past year.  We have received several dozen fantastic entries from students who studied all over the world.  The winners will be announced in a public reception on Friday, April 19 from 12:30 to 1:30. Join us then in the Tomlinson lobby to hear stories about students' experiences abroad, see their great photo submissions, and find out the winners of the contest!  Food will be served.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Spring Semester Applications now open
The application for Spring 2014 is now open.  Simply go to, search for the program you’re interested in, and click Apply Now.  The system will walk you through the rest of the process.

Winter Break Application now open
The applications for Winter break 2013-2014 short-term study abroad are now open. Courses are for Fall registration.  Apply early!

Other Announcements and Events

The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS) is offering a winter break 3-credit course to Ecuador.
SASS 375A/575: International Travel & Study Abroad:  ECUADOR: Health, human and social development: Dec 29, 2013 - Jan 11, 2014

APPLY   Approved for Global and Cultural Diversity Credit for Arts and Sciences students.  Approved for Engineering students as Social Science credit.
 This course is open to all undergraduates, graduates, from all majors and concentrations, as well as professionals in the health and human service fields. Instructors: Mark Chupp, Phd
<> and Sonia Minnes, Phd <>.  Spend two weeks in Ecuador and experience the capital city, Quito, spend time in the Amazon rain forest, live with Quichua indigenous family, and spend a day with the Afro-indigenous community!   The 3-hour course provides an integrated approach to the study of the multicultural issues related to policies and services that center around human and community development in Ecuador.   The learning objectives will be accomplished through a series of visits in urban and rural Ecuador that expose you to basic knowledge of the country’s history, politics, economic system, delivery of social and health services, and the unique diversity of Ecuadorian citizens.  You will have site visits that include programs in public and private hospitals, HIV/AIDS, education, child welfare, disaster interventions, trafficking in human persons, and U.S. Aid policy.  Another highlight is a visit and service learning project with a center for families of young boys that work in the streets of Quito to make money for their families. The center is quite unique in its philosophy and service delivery. Other experiences include shopping at a traditional open air market in Otovalo, the largest in South America, visit to the equator, cultural museums, zip-lining,  horseback riding and hiking volcanoes and mountains. You will have free time in Quito to also explore on your own. The fee for the Ecuador is $3,950 and includes: domestic and international airfare, in-country travel, most meals, accommodations, instructional materials, agency visits, guest lecturers, program fees and excursions and cultural events. The program will also have interpreters and regional staff guides.  For more see    Contact Dr. Debby Jacobson

The Department of Bioethics is offering a Winter Break 3-credit course to Costa Rica.. 
BETH 315C/415C: Health and Health Care in Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States - Course and Community Service in Costa Rica: January 1-11, 2014

APPLY  Approved for Global and Cultural Diversity Credit for Arts and Sciences students.  Approved for Engineering students as Humanities credit. Open to all undergraduate (all majors),graduate students (all programs.)  This course is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students from any discipline.  Instructor: Nicole Deming, J.D., M.A.  This 3-credit course gives students the unique opportunity to observe patients and practitioners encounter in a radically different health care system. Costa Rica has one of the most comprehensive and successful health care systems in the Western hemisphere, featuring the innovative use of mid-level health care workers organized in basic comprehensive health care teams. This has resulted in a longer life expectancy than the United States, despite a per capita GDP of only $10,000 per person.  Students will gain firsthand experience of Costa Rican health care through field experiences at a national hospital in the capital city, San Jose; a peripheral treatment clinic in a smaller town; and observation of the work of an integrated basic health care team in a native reserve. Following each visit, students will discuss the practical and ethical dilemmas that practitioners face in the context of the Costa Rican health care system. Specific topics include: health inequalities within and between nations; the ethics of transplantation, medical research, and end-of-life care; and health care in rural environments and with indigenous populations.  Prior to the trip, students attend six hours of lectures at Case Western Reserve University. Following the trip, students meet with instructors for an additional two hours, and will be expected to complete an original research essay.  The course will be integrated with community service experiences.  The fee for the Costa Rica is $2,950 and includes: airfare, in-country transportation, all meals, accommodations, all site visits. Financial aid may be applied toward travel costs.  For more information; visit our website or contact Michelle Champoir to set up an appointment.

April 10, 2013

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