Gift of Real Estate

If you have real estate you wish to protect from a taxable capital gain or that you would like to convert to an income stream, a gift of real estate to Case Western Reserve University can be a good solution.

A variety of options can even allow you to continue to live at the property for the remainder of your lifetime—or for the lifetime of a loved one.

How it Works: A range of alternative gift options can allow a donor the option of continuing to live in a primary residence through his or her lifetime—or the lifetime of another individual—before a property is sold, while still realizing tax benefits. If a donor moves out of the residence, the arrangement can be restructured at that time so as to permit the use of another property.

Individuals who have relied on a property to produce income can use a gift of property to fund a life-income gift. In any of the many types of life-income gifts, the donor designates a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive income payments and names Case Western Reserve to receive the principal when the payment obligation is fulfilled.

Unique Benefits

  • Reduce or avoid capital gains taxes.
  • Enjoy an immediate deduction on your federal income taxes.
  • Potentially increase your cash flow.

To start a conversation about lowering your taxes through a gift of real estate to Case Western Reserve, please contact the Office of Planned Giving at 1-877-477-1143.