Get Involved

"Something I've always known but have come to understand more by being part of the INbassador program is that when we give back to the university in any size contribution, to whatever field we choose to give to, it has an immediate impact and the value of that impact will only grow over time."
—Susan Turk, CWR 2002

To become the newest INbassador, please contact Vanessa Mavec at or at 216-368-0388.

Job Description

As an INbassador, you will be responsible for communicating with and educating alumni with the hopes of encouraging them to make an annual gift to the school.


INbassadors must lead by example by giving generously and regularly. Once chosen, INbassadors must assume a leadership role in educating other alumni about giving back to CWRU. This is accomplished by communicating effectively and promptly in various ways whether it be in person, on social media sites or by email. INbassadors should recruit others to help raise funds and should do their best to help secure annual gifts from fellow local alumni.

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