Smoking Information and Resources

The university has accepted the opinion of the Surgeon General that smoking is the largest preventable cause of illness and premature death.  Since the university has substantial commitments to health-related research and teaching, it has a parallel commitment to protect the health environment of students, employees and guests.  Therefore, and in compliance with the State of Ohio smoking ban set out in Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, the university does not permit smoking in any of its buildings or structures, including in residence halls or in university vehicles. In addition, all outside walkways and grounds of university property are smoke-free, except for specific university-designated smoking areas.  The  medical, dental and nursing schools and the health sciences podium and the health sciences garage are entirely smoke-free and do not have any university-designated smoking areas.

Map of Smoking Locations

All university faculty, staff, and student employees share the responsibility for maintaining a healthy work environment.  All employees are encouraged to notify any person violating this policy to discontinue smoking immediately.  If an individual does not immediately discontinue smoking, any employee should report the incident to University Police or Employee Relations.  University Police and Security Services will issue citations to any employee or visitor found in violation of this policy.  The State Department of Health also provides a number for reporting complaints, 1-866-559-6446.  All supervisors are responsible for the enforcement of this policy and for reporting offenders to their supervisor, Employee Relations, or University Police.  Employees who violate this policy will be subject to corrective action in accordance with the Positive Corrective Action Policy (III-3).  Violators will also be issued a University Police citation and may be subject to repayment of fines issued to the university by the State as provided in Ohio Revised Code 3794.

If an employee needs assistance with a smoking cessation program, the employee should contact the Employee Relations Office or Employee Assistance Provider directly.  No employee or individual is permitted to retaliate against any employee or individual for reporting violations of this policy.

The university’s complete smoke-free workplace policy is available on the human resources Web site at For those interested, information on smoking cessation and other wellness plans also is available online at

Formed in April 2007, the Smoking Issues Task Force -- consisting of representatives from the General Counsel, Human Resources, Student Affairs, Facilities, Campus Services and University Police and Security Services offices and the Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, Graduate Student Senate and Undergraduate Student Government -- will continue to review various university smoking-related policies.

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Smoking is prohibited in all residence halls and commons areas. This includes individual rooms as well as the public areas (lounges, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, and balconies). The Recovery House is a tobacco-free, drug-free and alcohol-free environment.