updated August, 2014


Does the University reimburse travelers for car rental roadside assistance

No. Insurance of any kind is not reimburseable for domestic and U.S. to Canada car rentals.. Beware that many car rental vendors try to up-sell renters on a wide range of insurances. The university car rental insurance card covers CWRU employees and students when on university-related travel.


What are the procedures for reimbursing travel expenses incurred in foreign currencies?

Credit card statements or bank card statements are the most precise sources of transaction information for purchases in foreign currencies. Credit card foreign currency transaction fees are reimbursable. Travelers can also submit exchange rate information from xe.com or equivalent site (http://www.xe.com/tec/table.shtml). Those exchanging cash should submit the bank or cambio kiosk receipt to obtain the transacted rate. Remember University Policy requires writing dollar equivalents onto all individual receipts. Requests not following these procedures are subject to significant delay or denial.


Will CWRU support the purchase of personal luggage for university-supported travel?

The provisioning of personal luggage in preparation for any trip is the responsibility of the traveler. The traveler is also responsible for replacing personal luggage damaged on CWRU-supported travel.


Can I be reimbursed for hotel health club charges?

Hotel health club and spa charges are the responsibility of the traveler.


CWRU policy permits me to retain frequent flyer miles and hotel points accumulated while on university-related travel. Can I also accept hotel points, airline miles, or other gratuities if I arrange a meeting or event for my department or school?

CWRU policy permits enrollment by travellers in these programs as long as there is no additional expense incurred by the University for membership or accumulation of such rewards. Individual travelers can receive these rewards when their travel is on behalf of the university.

CWRU policy does not permit travel/meeting/conference arrangers to receive reward points, airline miles/tickets, or other gratuities from hotel, catering, and travel-related vendors beyond  what university policy would value at more than a "social gesture."  For example, receiving points/certificates for overnight hotel stays would be unacceptable under this provision if the university is paying for the event. See section 10 of the CWRU Procurement Policy for more details.


What is the best account code to use to designate student travel?



Do CWRU AMEX T&E cardholders need to submit international currency conversion references?

No. The T&E card saves time by eliminating the need to submit any kind of currency exchange reference. T&E statements provide the exact dollar amounts needed for reimbursement requests (along with appropriate receipts where needed). Reimbursement of currency exchange fees for approved CWRU expenses is also supported when supplying the card statement.


Can I use a consolidator like Orbitz or Travelocity to book business travel?

Consolidators are mainly used for leisure travel. The often do not provide the detail and clarity needed per policy when purchasing packaged travel (i.e., combined hotel lodging and airfare) for travel on university business. Use of these services is discouraged and may delay the reimbursement.


Does Travel Services review travel reimbursement requests?

No. Judy Gilchrist of Accounts Payable is performing the day-to-day review of travel reimbursement requests. To expedite reimbursements, be sure to address them directly to Judy in Accounts Payable at the Cedar Avenue Services Center (LC 4910). Contact Travel Services if there are any questions on CWRU Travel Policy.


Does CWRU Travel Policy Support Reimbursement of Ancillary Airline Fees?

Departments/schools have the discretion to approve airline ancillary fees for items such as early boarding, exit row seating, onboard internet, and food. Travelers and departments should be aware that such fees can significantly add to base ticket costs as some fees are charged per segment of the flight itinerary.


Is it necessary to fill in preferred travel agency permission forms on my PC/Mac?

Yes. You should always use Adobe Acrobat Pro or equivalent software to complete these forms on your PC or Mac before transmitting them to complete a purchase. This is needed to avoid potential booking errors due to illegible handwriting. Be sure to have the most recent forms, i.e., ones that have birth date information to satisfy current TSA requirements.


Can I be reimbursed for personal frequent flyer miles used whenpurchasing airfare?



Can the American Express T&E Card be used for personal purchases?

Yes under current policy (July, 2014). The cardholder is responsible for the timely payment of all personal and business-related charges at the end of each cycle. University-related business purchases must be in accordance with current CWRU business policies to qualify for reimbursement.


Are upgrades to "premium" economy seating reimbursable?

Fares must be purchased at the lowest price available on the most direct route. Upgrades within a domestic economy-class (coach) cabin are the decision of the individual school/department. Travelers should be aware that such upgrades are per segment and can significantly add to the base ticket costs.


Faculty and staff should use the university-issued insurance card when needing a vehicle rental. Are students also covered by this card when traveling on university business?

Yes. Click here for a printable version of the car rental insurance card.


Does the Univeristy reimburse travelers for ancillary airline fees such as extra leg room and early boarding?

Yes. Individual schools and departments may use their own discretion when seeking reimbursement for such fees. Only airfare t and related taxes (no anciallary fees0 can be charged when purchasing through the preferred agencies Traveline and Flite II.


For relocation reimbursements, should I use the 534200 account code?

No, the 534500 account number should be used.


What is the best way to pay for conference registrations?

P-cards are recommended for conference and meeting registrations. T&E and personal credit cards can be used as well.


What account code can I use for approved alcohol requests?



Can I add tips to the Case meal allowance?

No. The maximum allowance amounts ($10-breakfast, $12-lunch, $26-dinner) are inclusive.


My trip included a number of foreign currency expenses. I'm submitting my credit card statement, in addition to my physical receipts, as back-up for the exchange rate conversions. Is this adequate?

Yes! A credit card statement is always the best reference for reimbursements when there are expenses in foreign currency as the credit card charges are normally the exact amount to be reimbursed to the traveller. Lacking a credit card statement, a travel expense calculator should be used such as xe.com:  http://www.xe.com/tec/table.shtml if preparing a reimbursement for a CWRU visitor. Otherwise, the Travel and Expense Module has a built-in conversion tool.


I am submitting a relocation reimbursement. What do I need to do?

Simply follow regular travel submission guidelines and be sure to include a statement of travel expense. The account code for relocations is 534500.


Do I need actual receipts for highway toll reimbursements?

Yes. Toll reimbursement is receipt-based. Travelers are also welcome to submit E-Z Pass statements for toll requests.


Is train travel reimbursable?

Yes. Be sure to have a receipt with form of payment clearly indicated. As with airlines, the lowest available coach-class fare is supported.


I'd like to get a reimbursement for personal vehicle mileage. What's needed?

At minimum, specific origin and destination addresses are required. A general statement of "Cleveland" to "Columbus" is not specific enough. A Google Maps or MapQuest reference is considered a best practice.


My hotel meals are included on my folio. Is this adequate for reimbursement?

No. Meals above allowance amounts (B$10, L$12, D$26) are expected, by policy, to have detailed receipts. Those without detail are subject to reduction to the permitted allowance for that meal.


I submitted a hand-written statement of travel expense. Is this acceptable?

No. It is expected that all statements of travel expense are completed using keyboard entry, auto-calculated (green button), and then printed for physical attachment to the request packet.


I shared a hotel room with a colleague on approved university travel. Can we each claim reimbursement?

Only the person paying the hotel indicated on the hotel folio is entitled to reimbursement. If the folio was split onto separate credit cards for each individual traveler, then each traveler can be individually reimbursed.


It may be difficult to obtain receipts for expenses in remote international destinations. Are they still necessary?

Yes. There are very few areas of the world, however remote, where receipts are not provided for expenses such as transport and meals. If you believe furnishing receipts for small, trip-related expenses will be difficult, the purchase and employment of a receipt book by the traveller is recommended. Travelers may still use their university meal allowance (up to $48 per day for actual breakfast, lunch, and dinner expenses) and claim intra-urban public transportation expenses without furnishing receipts.


Does Case support ATM fees for cash withdrawals while on university-sponsored travel?

No, not in the U.S. Most purchases should employ a T&E or personal credit card, including taxi fares.


Do I need a checked bag receipt for each portion of a round-trip flight to receive reimbursement?

Yes. Travelers should submit an individual receipt for checked bag expenses for both outbound and return portions of their trip.


My luggage was damaged during my trip, can I seek reimbursement from the university?

No. Travelers are responsible for repairs/purchase of personal luggage. If the airline, hotel, or TSA have damaged your suitcase, you should seek compensation from them, not CWRU.


Should I purchase flight insurance for my international or domestic trip?

No. Case travel policy explicitly prohibits reimbursement for this. The university will support reimbursing fees associated with ticket change and reuse if there is an approved need for cancellation.


I purchased Internet data service while in-flight. Can I seek reimbursement for this?

Yes, if the purchase is for the conduct of university business and approved by your department. In flight entertainment services such as Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) are not reimbursable.


Does the University pay for the purchase of personal luggage for official travel?



I'm using E-ZPass to pay for highway tolls. Can I receive reimbursement?

Yes. Just be sure to include your E-ZPass statement when submitting your request and note trip charges associated with Case-related business.


I'm submitting a request for mileage reimbursement for personal vehicle use. What information do I need?

Be specific! "Home" to "Michigan" and similar vague equivalents such as "Various destinations" are unacceptable.  Specific geographic information for each departure and destination is needed. If you are driving from Blue Ash to Lakewood, then do not submit a request for "Cincinnati to Cleveland." Give each new origin point and destination its own line, date, and mileage in the Statement of Travel Expense.


Are airline baggage fees reimbursable?

Yes. Travellers should submit justification, however, when submitting fees for more than standard personal baggage.


What account should be used for visitor travel?

534100 covers visitor travel and 534200 covers faculty and staff travel. These travel accounts typically include meals, airfares, and transportation expenses. The 534300 account can me used for meeting registrations. Purchases for books and equipment while on travel should be placed on different accounts.


Should I provide more than hotel and airline itineraries when submitting for reimbursement?

Travelers need actual documentation indicating payment (usually with the last four digits of a credit card clearly indicated.), i.e. a receipt. Credit card statements themselves can be submitted together with itineraries to support expenditures. Hotel folios typically provide indication of settlement with a credit at the end of the document. 

When using an online service such as Orbitz, Priceline, or Expedia, ensure that either payment method is clearly indicated or provide additional credit card statement information. This is especially true for hotel and package purchases.


Do I need to purchase emergency medical evacuation insurance when travelling to remote areas overseas on official Case-related business?

No. The University provides this insurance free of charge through its office of Risk Assessment. Faculty, staff, and students must first register to activate the coverage providing information that includes dates and locations of intended travel. Contact Laura Corrigan at 216-368-4394 or click here.


Should travel reimbursement requests for non-employees and students include a Statement of Travel Expense form?

Yes, all travel-related requests must have a Statement of Travel Expense included.


Can I be reimbursed for toiletries while travelling?

It is expected that travellers provision such items, as well as aspirin, antacids, etc. without the expectation of reimbursement.


Can I use my own airline reward miles for seating/cabin upgrades?

Yes, as long as the University is not obligated to pay a more costly economy-class ticket to enable the upgrade. Any fees associated with the miles-based upgrade (or any upgrade) must receive Chief Financial Officer approval prior to ticketing.


I have sufficient discretionary funding and am on a flight of more than five hours flying time. Do I need prior permission from the Chief Financial Officer to purchase seating in business class?



Can I submit my reservation confirmation or itinerary as proof of a travel-related purchase?

No, travelers must produce a receipt with proof of payment indicated. This typically includes the last four digits of the traveler's credit card number for airfare, hotel, and car rental transactions.


Can I receive reimbursement for airfare prior to my travel date?

Yes, with the appropriate receipt showing actual payment.


The best fare I could find for my next trip was on Air Canada, but someone told me we're required to use a U.S. carrier. Is that true?

If your travel is federally funded, you must use a U.S. carrier whenever possible. If no U.S. carrier flies to your destination then you should fly on a U.S. carrier as far as is possible. For example if you need to go to a conference in Denpassar, Bali you would be able to fly United or Continental to Singapore then fly from there to Denpassar on a foreign owned carrier. Travel is also permitted on foreign carriers when they code share with a U.S. airline. For specific information, see the Fly America Act.

Should I purchase insurance coverage while renting a car within the United States?

No. When you rent a vehicle for university-related business, rent it in the name of "Case Western Reserve University, by Your Name." This way you'll be covered by the university's vehicle insurance policy. See the vehicle insurance card here. Be sure to consider the discounted rates from CWRU preferred car rental agencies when renting for business or personal travel.


Do I need taxi receipts to receive reimbursement?

Yes, there are no allowances for these expenses.


Can I prepay hotel accommodations or rental car charges if they are less expensive?

Yes, but travelers are not reimbursed until after the actual stay. A detailed hotel or final car rental receipt must be provided.


I provided a credit card receipt for my dinner. Is that enough for reimbursement?

All meals with food, tax, and tip totals above the University meal allowances require a detailed receipt specifying items purchased (in addition to the credit card receipt if separate). Detailed meal receipts are readily available from most restaurants. Reimbursement for group meals must include names of attendees and the nature of Case business discussed.


Is alcohol a reimbursable expense with a meal?

Yes. Reasonable purchases of alcoholic beverages are permitted. These must be listed separately from other travel-related charges in the PeopleSoft reimbursement request form using account code 599020. Some individual departments, as well as numerous state and federal grants, do not permit reimbursement for alcohol. Please check your department's policy.


Is laundry and/or dry cleaning a reimbursable travelling expense?

Under current Case Policy, yes.