Travel and Expense Module Workflow FAQs

T&E module workflow schematic

What do the various status terms mean in workflow?


Status Definition
Pending saved but incomplete; not transmitted to initial approver
Submitted sent to Manager1-level approval
In Process awaiting review by secondary approver and/or Accounts Payable pre-pay auditor
Approved approved by AP pre-pay auditor
Staged awaiting ACH (electronic funds transfer) or check run
Paid sent to payee bank account or check created for mailing/pick-up
Denied report aborted by approver, cannot be resubmitted


How is student workflow determined?

Reimbursement workflow for students is determined by the department ID entered. Designated entry staff should always replace the default "299999" with a specific numeric department value when preparing a student request.

Who can enter an expense report?

Any individual traveler with access to Peoplesoft or those designated by each department.

Can a person entering a request also be an approver for that request?

No. An individual can enter one reimbursement request and be an approver on another, i.e. have both roles. The same person cannot, however, enter and approve another traveller's request as a a matter of audit procedure.

Can a traveler enter her own request?

Absolutely. A traveler cannot, however, approve their own request.

Who are a department's approvers?

These have been determined by the business officers of each school.

Can an approver delegate the approval authority when out of the office?

The approval function is pooled at every level. There are at least two approvers assigned by each school's business office in the event one is not available. Unlike the current paper-based system, an approver with Internet access has the ability to approve a request from virtually anywhere in the world.

Who is contacted when there is a problem with a reimbursement request?

When an approver at any level uses the "SEND BACK" function, the request returns to the person who entered the request. It can then be revised and submitted. Use of the "DENIED" function by an approver will close the request. The arranger will need to copy the request and start over if there is re-submission. There is a required explanation field when an approver sends back or denies a request.

Do approvers need access to Peoplesoft?

Yes. See your business office, supervisor, or ITS security contact for the security form. There is no security training needed for this role.

What if my reimbursement request contains alcohol?

If alcohol is clearly selected as an expense type, it is routed normally in workflow for all operating accounts. State and federally-funded speedtypes will route to the Office of Sponsored Projects for vetting.