Creating Multi-Page PDF attachments with the Kyocera 2560


Receipts must be scanned and attached for most travel-related expenses in the new T&E module. Please refer to the guide below for assistance when using a Kyocera 2560 multi-function scanner/copier. Note that your procedure may vary if your office has a different model number.

After pressing the SEND button (located immediately below the COPY button) on the Kyocera control panel, do the following

1) Choose recipient in ADDRESS BOOK (the recipient should be the arranger of the request).

2) Press the ADVANCE SETUP tab at the lower right corner of the screen


4) Choose ON

5) Press OK

6) Lift copier lid and place first page of receipts on the glass platten. Press the green START button (not pictured) to scan.

7) Repeat step 6 to add additional pages to the PDF file.

8) When finished scanning all receipt pages, press SCAN FINISH. The Kyocera will then email the completed pdf to the recipient chosen in step 1.

9) To load the receipt scan, retrieve the PDF emailed from the Kyocera by selecting the ATTACHMENTS buttom on the expense report page.

10) A succesfully-loaded attachment will be indicated by the link ATT1 appearing at the bottom of the expense statement. A maximum of two multi-page pdfs can be attached by an end-user to any expense report. The second will be labled ATT2.