Travel and Expense Module Features FAQs


How precisely must mileage reimbursements be reported in the T&E Module?

Use whole numbers only; round up or down when necessary. The system will not accept mileage that is reported with decimals.

How do I view existing records?

Via EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE>TRAVEL AND EXPENSES, navigate to the VIEW option as seen below. From there, you can search using a number of options including record, EMPLID, and payee name.




How is student workflow determined?

Reimbursement workflow for students is determined by the department ID entered. Designated entry staff should always replace the default "299999" with a specific numeric department value when preparing a student request. If you are unable to change the 299999 department designation, your record will be manually re-assigned an appropriate workflow. Please contact your T&E Module administrator.

Should faculty and staff enter and submit their own travel?

Yes. This is a best audit practice and typical of most corporations and numerous academic institutions across the country. The system also permits a "team" approach to entry: a traveler can begin a request with their travel information and expenses, SAVE FOR LATER, and then have the appropriate designated entry person assist in reviewing and/or completing necessary information such as speedtype, GL account codes, etc. and then SUBMIT the request for management approval.

How do I access the Travel and Expense Module?

You must enter through the EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE menu choice in Peoplesoft Financials even if you are a designated entry person and not the actual traveler. Entry via any other menu option will generate a security error. Then proceed to the TRAVEL AND EXPENSE CENTER and then choose any action under the EXPENSE REPORT option.


I entered via  EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE and get a security message saying that I don't have access to enter other employees' travel requests.

It is a best practice for audit purposes to have travelers enter their own data either in part or total. If you're assisting a traveler, be sure you've been designated as a departmental entry person by your management center.

As long as the data is saved, designated departmental entry staff and travelers can each edit a reimbursement request. Once submitted for approval, no further edits can be made.


Where do I read why something was sent back?

Clicking on the above link (top right of returned request) provides the full comment date/time/action as seen below: