Vending Refunds and Service

Pepsi, hot beverage and snack vending machines are conveniently located around campus, in and around the dormitories and commons, near classrooms, and many other handy locations. Vending machines are operational 24-7 to provide a light snack or a beverage on the go!

To report any problems with a vending machine, please email and reference the machine id (e.g. P33 or A33).

Case Vending Refund Areas have been determined as follows:

Refund Area



Access Services Crawford Hall Room 18 368-6719
Wade Area Office Wade Commons 368-1010
Fribley Area Fribley Commons 368-1011

Refund Policy:

Refunds are made at each of the specified locations from the vending refund fund provided by the individual vendor. Delivery route drivers for Pepsi and AVI vending will stop at the refund areas at the end of each delivery cycle to reconcile any monies owed based on the vending refund slips for each individual company.

Service Calls:

To report a machine that is not operating correctly or out of stock, call Access Services at 368-2273 to arrange for service. Please include the following information:

  • Type of machine: (Pepsi Bottle, Pepsi Can, Snack, Cold Food, Hot Drink, Dollar Bill Changer)
  • Location of the Machine: (Building, Location in Building, i.e. 1st Floor Lobby, Breakroom, 3rd Floor, etc.)
  • Specific Problem: (Machine not dispensing product, incorrect change, no change, took money but gave no product and/or change, out of stock, etc.)

If a refund is needed or requested, please go to one of the vending refund locations specified to fill out a refund slip. Vending refunds are available during business hours Monday -Friday at Access Services, Wade Area Office, Fribley Area Office and ELS.

To request the relocation, installation or removal of a vending machine, please contact Campus Dining Services at 368-5844

For additional vending information including delivery schedules, please visit Vending Information.