Employee Recognition - Staff Service Awards

Thank you for ten years of service in 2001!

    Some 64 staff members celebrated 10 years of employment at Case during the 2001-02 academic year. They were among honorees at the Staff Service Award Luncheon held June 13 in the Thwing Center Ballroom. Many of the 10-year honorees are pictured above. Here is a list of all of the staff members who reached this milestone during the previous academic year: Carole Acocella (dentistry), Kenneth Anderson (mail receiving and delivery), Judith Bailey (University communication), Diane Baus (hematology/oncology), Mary Alice Bell (medicine - MHMC), Roger Bielefeld (WSOM information technology group), Lisa Branicky (psychiatry), Patricia Britt (MSASS field services), Hanka Brown (dentistry student services), Charles Burkett (Enterprise Development Inc.), Alice Cantini (epidemiology and biostatistics), Cheryl Cheatham (law library), Gwendolyn Cox-Johnson (safety services), Lisa Crump (medical institutional development), Agnes Curry (University Library), France David (nutrition), Deborah Dennison (law library), Jean Eastman (pediatrics), Richard Farmer (physical education and athletics), Christopher Fenton (WSOM information technology group), Jane Marie Heatwole (human genetics), Betty Horton (dentistry), Brenda Hudson (biomedical engineering), Derek Humphrey (research administration), Tru-Dien Huynh (orthopaedics), Karen Janiga (radiation safety), Wayne Jennings (materials science and engineering), Lois Kaye (medical education), John Koshy (nutrition), Richard Kramer (financial information systems), Deborah Lenor (protective services), Stephanie Lumpkin (foreign faculty and scholars), Tonita Lynn May (WSOM professional degree programs), Fletcher Miller (mechanical and aerospace engineering), James Nauer (digital media services), Judith Olson-Fallon (educational support services), Fred O'Neal (plant services), Yue Xin Pan (pharmacology), Maryanne Pendergast (neurosciences), Joseph Pyles (MSASS field services), Terri Ramage-Louis (human resources), Darlyne Redd (Alzheimer Center), Rita Romito-DiGiacomo (neurosciences), Thomas Sabo (materials science and engineering), Toni Searle (University communication), Mary Eileen Shambaugh (molecular biology and microbiology), Elizabeth Ann Shaver (pediatrics), Patricia Simmons (macromolecular science), Marilyn Slade (Office of the Provost), J. Michael Sorrell (biology), Marianne Sperk (physiology and biophysics), George Stamatis (medicine public affairs), Jon Stuckey (Alzheimer Center), Alan Swick (pediatrics), Kevin Thomson (campus services), Felice Thornton Porter (occupational and environmental safety), Lynn Ulatowski (orthopaedics), Alan Valek (construction administration), Yalanda Washington-Medina (economics), Kathy Winter (Alzheimer Center), Liang-Yan Xue (radiation oncology), Harold Yaged (MSASS dean's office), Iwona Yike (pediatrics), and Yuandao Zhang (electrical engineering and computer science).