Wellness @ Case

Information for New Employees Hired January - June 2015

New Wellness Participant Checklist


Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)

During the fall of each year, faculty and staff are encouraged to complete a free and confidential online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) by visiting www.case.edu/hra. The appraisal asks participants questions about smoking, drinking, diet, exercise and other factors that influence well-being. Each individual who completes the appraisal will receive confidential, personalized feedback regarding the results.

Those who participate in the biometric screening before completing the Health Risk Appraisal can enter the information from the screenings on their HRA. If you have not participated in the screening process prior to completing the HRA, your results will be added into your HRA by the University of Michigan (using a private, confidential process).

Participants will receive confidential, individualized feedback on their results, while the university will receive de-identified, aggregated data regarding the overall workforce.  While no one at the university will see any single person’s responses*, officials will receive de-identified, aggregated data to identify trends and opportunities involving the campus community. This information will be used to guide decisions regarding future program offerings to enhance well-being and help prevent chronic disease and acute illness.

*This is an IRB-approved effort at the University of Michigan. The university’s data warehouse is maintained in a secure environment. All data is de-identified to further ensure confidentiality.

Free Biometric Screenings

The university offers free biometric screenings for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff in the fall. The screenings include measures of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, height, weight and BMI.

Numerous on-campus screening sessions are offered in various campus locations each fall.

To register and schedule a screening, visit We.BlueprintForWellness.com and use the registration key “CWRU”. Registration closes two weeks prior to each screening date. Visits to Quest Patient Service Centers are also possible to schedule.  A demo of the online appointment scheduler can be found here: http://vimeo.com/92340214.

A Physician Response Form is also available for faculty and staff that have had screenings conducted since April 1, 2014. Please Click here to obtain a copy of the form. It is your responsibility to make sure that your healthcare provider faxes the form back to Quest by the November 30th due date.

Results will be available online within three to five days and will be mailed to participants' homes within two to three weeks (for everyone that registers online).

Remember to fast 9-12 hours prior to the blood collection.  Take any regularly scheduled medications as usual.  Drinking water is permissible and recommended during the fasting period.

Completion of the screening process is necessary to obtain the Wellness Premium Incentive in 2015 as a Benelect medical plan participant.

*All HIPAA rules apply.