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Poster Printing

Printing Services’ poster servicedrop -off is located in Thwing Atrium in the CWRU Print location.

Hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.
Phone: 368-2550 Fax: 368-1250

The price to print posters is $5.00 per square foot.

Should you wish to take advantage of the services offered through Printing Services, please read the following guidelines:

File Submission
Poster files may be submitted either on a CD or a USB key or you can email the file to (preferred method)
If e-mailed:
- Please include the word "poster” in subject line.
- Tell us what the printed size should be
- Please inform us of payment method
- Due date - let us know when you must have your poster

If payment will be made using Case speedtype number, you must supply the number in the email at time of submission.

NOTE: If your file is larger than 20 mb, you will need to submit manually.

Please proof read your poster for layout & grammatical errors carefully before submitting file to alleviate revisions.

Poster production time is 2 days. If you need your poster sooner, please specify at time of order.


Supported Formats

PowerPoint File
PowerPoint is available to any campus user through the Software Center. If you choose to use PowerPoint for designing your poster, please download the poster template which also contains helpful instructions for properly designing your poster.

About PowerPoint and Page Sizes:  

You are not restricted to the 56" limit under Page Setup in PowerPoint. You can work at 1/2 scale, and tell us to print at 200% for those larger posters. This is how our 42" x 68" template works.

Any file can be resized in the PowerPoint menu Design or File > Page Setup. If resizing a template, do it first thing before inserting charts, tables and photos. The page resize will distort everything and you will waste time fixing each element.


Poster template and Instructions

o You can use the Poster Template to avail yourself of printing using PowerPoint.

Adobe Acrobat File
Adobe Acrobat is available to any campus user through the Software Center. If the poster presenter declines using PowerPoint, please follow the guidelines outlined below:
o Fonts used must be embedded.
o Page size must be set to scale.
o PDF compression must be turned off for all images.

Printing Schedule
o Posters will be printed in the order files are received.
o Proof will be emailed to you for review and approval before printing, if time allows due to deadline.