Printing Policy


This policy has been implemented to develop and deliver a range of strategic printing solutions to the University community that will streamline and simplify the complex, evolving process of print (off-set) procurement and production while lowering costs. Fiscal stewardship emphasizes the need to leverage the University spend and to generate savings whenever possible by selecting, monitoring and actively managing the purchase in order to ensure consistent, transparent delivery of superior service at the lowest possible cost.

Standard items(business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, thesis bindings etc.)

Standard items that represent the University brand such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes bearing the CWRU logo, must be ordered through Printng Services. This department has responsibilty for ensuring brand integrity and works closely with University Marketing .

Printing Services has software that will streamline ordering of standard university items with an instant proof approval and faster turnaround using templates available online. This gives customers more control over accuracy of data and facilitates print-ready proof transmission to vendor with resultant efficiencies and economies. The system provides economies and controls that have allowed the university to negotiate reduced pricing and to simplify the process of obtaining competitive bids. You can now order standard university printed items & campus mail envelopes using the online system at:

Preferred vendors
With input of a constituency of (off-set print) users, active price analyis, as well as examination of capacity and skill set, the following have been approved for use by the university. This list has recently been reviewed and updated and will ensure a wide range of services as the most economic price points.




How to Buy: Printing
Commodity Description

This commodity includes offset printing, digital printing, bindery & finishing* Note all copy jobs should be self-produced or given to Printing Services to complete.
Any purchase is restricted to one of the preferred vendors.


If your total purchase is:
Payment method
Standard print items with CWRU logo e.g business cards, letterhead, envelopes, thesis bindings
  1. In-House (Printing Services)
  1. Speedtype number
Other items less than $5,000
  1. In-House (Printing Services),
  2. Preferred print vendor from list

  1. Speedtype number
  2. Pcard
  3. Peoplesoft eProcurement Requisition
Above $5,000 but less than $25,000
  1. 2 quotes from preferred print vendors
    to justify price reasonableness

    $5,000 - $24,999
    MUST have 2 quotes
  1. Peoplesoft eProcurement Requisition plus 2 quotes to establish price reasonableness.
$25,000 and above
  1. 3 quotes from preferred print vendor from list.

    $25,000 and above
    MUST have 3 quotes
  • Peoplesoft eProcurement Requisition plus three quotes to establish Price Reasonableness.